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Abstinence Clearinghouse, The
The Abstinence Clearinghouse serves as an association for the abstinence community. The Clearinghouse is a non-profit educational organization that promotes the appreciation for and practice of sexual abstinence through distribution of age-appropriate, factual and medically-accurate materials.

Aid to the Church in Need
An international Catholic charity under the authority of the Holy See working to serve the persecuted and suffering Church in more than 120 countries around the world. Aid to the Church in Need, founded in 1947 and headquartered in Konigstein, Germany, has national offices in 16 countries, including a U.S. office located in New York City.

Association of Hebrew Catholics
The Association of Hebrew Catholics (AHC) is "a voluntary association of Catholics which aims at ending the alienation of Catholics of Jewish origin from their heritage as Israelites." The AHC intends to petition the Holy See to approve the establishment of an Israelite Community in the Church, based on the special registration of converts at baptism and of their descendants. The site itself features a wide variety of related resources, including historical, liturgical, and cultural information.

Ave Maria Radio
Ave Maria Radio employs radio, internet, and other media to offer news, analysis, teaching, devotions and music to demonstrate the good news that Jesus is Lord over all areas of life. Through these means and activities we show that the teaching of Christ, through His Church offers a rational view of the world, a deep sense of spirituality, a firm family life, enhanced human relationships, and the creation of a culture of life and love.


Called to Knighthood

Finally, a book that unlocks the power of confirmation in a practical, life-transforming way! In an era when confirmation is not well-understood by many Catholics, "Called to Knighthood: The Sacrament of Confirmation in the Kingdom Family of God" is an excellent resource for parents, priests and catechists who want to make this sacrament come powerfully alive for young people and adults preparing to be confirmed.


Canon Law Society of America
The Canon Law Society of America is a professional association whose members are dedicated to the promotion of the study and application of canon law in the Roman Catholic Church. "Founded in 1939, the Society remains active in study and the promotion of canonical and pastoral approaches to significant issues within the Roman Catholic Church." The site itself serves as an introduction to the Society and its work, and as a meeting place for its members.


Cardinal Newman Society
A national organization dedicated to the renewal of Catholic identity at Catholic colleges and universities in the United States. We are an intercollegiate organization of more than 16,000 college leaders, educators, students, alumni, and others dedicated to promoting John Henry Cardinal Newman's vision, further developed by Pope John Paul II in his 1990 Apostolic Constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

Catechism of the Catholic Church
On-line version.

Catechism of the Catholic Church, Simplified

Catholic Answers
Catholic Answers is the largest Catholic apologetics and evangelization organization in North America. They are lay people devoting our full-time efforts to promoting the Catholic faith through books, booklets, tracts, This Rock magazine, tapes, and television and radio appearances. Some have been Catholics, some have returned to the Catholic faith after having lapsed in their practice of it, and some are converts from other faiths. Staff apologists answer questions about the faith and give parish seminars.

Catholic Athletes for Christ
Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC) serves Catholic athletes in the practice of their faith and shares the Gospel in and through sports. We work with athletes at all levels of sport in an effort to promote a Catholic sports culture. CAC was formed in response to Pope John Paul II's call to evangelize the world of sports and his establishment of the Vatican's Office of Sports.

Catholic Biblical Apologetics
Highly recommended. This book surveys the origin and development of Roman Catholic Christianity from the period of the apostolic church, through the post-apostolic church and into the conciliar movement. Principal attention is paid to the biblical basis of both doctrine and dogma as well as the role of paradosis (i.e. handing on the truth) in the history of the Church. Particular attention is also paid to the hierarchical founding and succession of leadership throughout the centuries.

Catholic Culture
This Site provides a Document Library: 4659 documents and articles plus the Most Theological Collection. And growing! Site Reviews: 804 actively maintained reviews. The only web site on the Internet to rate and review other Catholic sites according to their Resources, Usability and Fidelity. Liturgical Year: By far the most comprehensive coverage of the Liturgical Year on the Internet.

Catholic Dating Sites

Unbiased information, reviews and online coupons for the best Catholic dating sites. This site is exclusively dedicated to providing Catholic singles with information about online dating safety, steps you can take to protect yourself from financial and physical victimization, and more general information about selecting the best Catholic dating sites for you.

Catholic Encyclopedia
1914 edition.

Catholic Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses

Catholic Hierarchy
Current and historical bishops and dioceses of the Catholic Hierarchy.

Catholic League
The Catholic League is the nation’s largest Catholic civil rights organization. Founded in 1973 by the late Father Virgil C. Blum, S.J., the Catholic League defends the right of Catholics – lay and clergy alike – to participate in American public life without defamation or discrimination.

Catholic Media Coalition, The, is an organization of Catholic writers, webmasters, editors, and others engaged in producing media for and about the Catholic Church.  We report truthfully about the Catholic Church and defend, foster, and spread authentic Catholic faith and culture. We welcome all practicing Catholic members of he media from the different approved Catholic Rites, who are loyal to the Magisterium and to Church teaching.

Catholic Medical Association
As Catholic Physicians of the United States and Canada, we come together in the Catholic Medical Association in order to grow in the spirit of Christ in our personal and professional lives, to bring His Spirit to all that is touched by our science and art, and to assist the Vicar of Christ, the Bishops, and the whole Christian community with leadership, especially with the particular knowledge, skill, and experience we have as Christian Physicians.

Catholic News Service
The mission of Catholic News Service is the mission of the Church itself -- to spread the Gospel through contemporary means of communication.
Your online Catholic mental health resource. We offer referrals to professionally qualified psychotherapists who incorporate the truths and teachings of Roman Catholicism into their practice. We also feature articles and book suggestions to help you lead a happier and healthier life consistent with your Catholic faith.

Catholic World News
Catholic World News is an independent Catholic news service staffed by lay Catholic journalists, dedicated to providing accurate world news, written from a distinctively Catholic perspective. With correspondents all around the world, seeks to provide loyal Catholics and other interested readers with all the daily news that affects their Church and their faith.

Catholics in the Military
Serves those who serve, offering U.S. Armed Forces personnel spiritual truths of military life in light of the Catholic Faith. Paragraph 2310 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church states "Those who are sworn to serve their country in the armed forces are servants of the security and freedom of nations. If they carry out their duty honorably, they truly contribute to the common good of the nation and the maintenance of peace." The primary mission of is to strengthen Catholic families, and to promote vocations to the Military Archdiocese.

Catholics United for the Faith
Catholics United for the Faith is an international lay apostolate founded in 1968 by H. Lyman Stebbins to support, defend, and advance the efforts of the Teaching Church in accord with the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. The efforts of Catholics United for the Faith must be directed toward the unity of the Church and communion with God the Father as intended by Christ (Jn. 17:21). This is accomplished by joining members in a common apostolate to be formed doctrinally and spiritually in the Catholic faith. The desired result is the renewal of their own hearts. This formation also equips members to prayerfully engage in works of evangelization and catechesis for the renewal of the Church and society as lay witnesses to Our Blessed Lord. CUF promotes fidelity to and communion with the Holy Father and the bishops in union with him.

Cause for Beatification and Canonization of Pope John Paul II
This is the official Internet site for the cause of beatification of John Paul II. The postulator of the cause, Msgr. Slawomir Oder, explains that the site will soon "offer a space for giving testimony of grace received, . . . personal encounters with John Paul II, and prayer meetings throughout the world in support of the cause of beatification." The site also contains, in various languages, the prayer approved by the vicariate of Rome to implore the intercession of Servant of God John Paul II.

Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
(CBR) is working to establish prenatal justice and the right to life for the unborn, the disabled, the infirm, the aged and all vulnerable peoples through education and the development of cutting edge educational resources.

Center for Law and Justice, The
The Center for Law and Justice International is committed to upholding the truth that human beings, from the very beginning of their existence, possess within themselves dignity and worth as creatures made in the image and likeness of God. CLJI defends the right to life and the rights of conscience. is a network of lodging facilities that - based on some of the best research available - do not offer in-room, "adult" (pornographic) pay-per-view movies.


Code of Canon Law
This site contains an Intratext version of the entire Code of Canon Law. IntraText CT is a text converted into an interactive hypertext system. It consists of text, which you access from the index or from the concordances, word lists which are ordered alphabetically, by frequency of occurrence, in inverse order and by length, concordances, and word and occurrence statistics. This is an excellent, easy to use source making the Code of Canon Law accessible to all.

Coming Home Network
The purpose of The Coming Home Network International (CHNetwork) is to provide fellowship, encouragement and support for pastors and laymen of other traditions (Protestant, Orthodox, etc..) who are somewhere along the journey or have already converted to the Catholic Church. The CHNetwork is committed to assisting and standing beside all inquirers, serving as a friend and an advocate.

Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
The Compendium was prepared by a special Vatican commission, chaired by Pope Benedict himself in his previous capacity as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The book, offers an abridged presentation of the teachings found in the full Catechism of the Catholic Church. In addition to English, the Compendium is available online in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. The Compendium includes 589 questions and answers on the Catholic faith.

Confraternity of Catholic Clergy

The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy is an association of 600 Roman Catholic Priests and Deacons pledged to the pursuit of personal holiness, loyalty to the Roman Pontiff, commitment to theological study and strict adherence to the authentic teachings of the Magisterium. Founded in 1975, the Confraternity seeks to implement the call of Vatican II (Presbyterorum Ordinis #8, Code of Canon Law #278, Pastores Dabo Vobis #81, and the Directory on the Ministry and Life of Priests #29)  for ongoing intellectual, spiritual and pastoral formation of the local clergy.


Couple to Couple League
An interfaith organization dedicated to teaching Natural Family Planning (NFP) to married and engaged couples. CCL also has audio-visual and printed materials on several related subjects: pre-marital chastity programs for primary and secondary students (approved by the Catholic Church), ecological breastfeeding, natural child spacing, full-time mothering, and much more.

An apostolate of the Roman Catholic Church, ministers to those with same-sex attractions and their loved ones. We have been endorsed by the
Pontifical Council for the Family and, our beloved John Paul II said of this ministry, "COURAGE is doing the work of God!"

Credo of Buffalo - A chapter of Catholics United for the Faith - International

Catholics and others interested in the historic relations between the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches and the doctrinal issues between them may find the Website of James Likoudis who has written 3 major works of Apologetics and many articles dealing with Eastern Orthodoxy helpful.

In the Cursillo Movement, we approach evangelization as a very natural act of being Christlike within each of our daily activities. We realize that while most people would like to live their lives in a Christ-like manner, the pressures of the world often make this difficult. The Cursillo Movement provides a method and a technique to provide each of us with the tools, the mentality, the strength, and the support to make this natural type of evangelization possible.

Fertility tracking software adhering to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. It was developed by a team of medical software developers, using FDA approved standards for software development and production, overseen by Jack Geoghegan, MD, former vice-president of Connecticut Right to Life.

Defenders of the Faith, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-sectarian, non-partisan organization. The primary purpose of Defenders of the Faith, Inc., is to educate Roman Catholics in the orthodox practice of their faith through the publication of a quarterly newsletter, The Defender. In addition, we own and operate a low power FM radio station, WDTF-LP, broadcasting Catholic programming as suggested by Pope John Paul II to undertake a 'new evangelization'.

Doctors of the Church

Donate Life California
Site allows you to sign up online to be an organ and tissue donor in California. Your organ donation could save the lives of eight people, and your tissue donation enhance the lives of another 50 people.

Early Church Fathers
The goal of this site is simply to show that Catholic doctrines have existed from the beginning of Church history. To achieve this goal, the site features a collection of many writings from early church fathers and authors regarding various Catholic beliefs. The articles are indexed both by author and beliefs, and cover a wide variety of topics. Further, each topic presents the pertinent section of the Catechism, as well links to related Scripture passages and source material.

Evangelization Station
One of the most comprehensive Catholic web sites on the Internet.

(The Eternal Word Television Network.) Catholic resources, news, Q&A, a RealAudio server and so much more.

Fellowship of Catholic Scholars
The Fellowship of Catholic Scholars is an association of Catholic scholars in various disciplines who see their intellectual work as a service they owe to God.

FOCUS - Fellowship of Catholic University Students
Curtis Martin founded FOCUS (the Fellowship of Catholic University Students) in 1997 with the intent was to design a campus-based ministry that would foster among college and university students a deep conversion to Jesus Christ within the framework of the Roman Catholic Church. FOCUS provides small group Bible studies, personal discipleship, large group leadership training and Fellowship.

Guild of Catholic Doctors
Offering support and advice on medical moral and ethical problems from a Catholic perspective.

Harmony Media
Harmony Media produces some of the finest Catholic software available, including, but not limited to, Welcome to the Catholic Church, Butler’s Lives of the Saints, Early Church Fathers, The Teachings of John Paul II, Summa Theologica, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Human Life International

Human Life International is an American based Roman Catholic activist pro-life organization. Founded in 1981 by Fr. Paul Marx, HLI is located in Front Royal, Virginia, and is currently headed by Interim President, and Director of the Rome office, Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro. The mission of HLI is to create effective opposition to the culture of death around the world. With 99 satellite offices in 105 countries, Human Life International is the largest international, pro-life, pro-family, pro-woman organization and missionary in the world.

How to Get Pregnant is your one stop point to all the information on pregnancy guide, pregnancy symptoms and pregnancy tips. We bring in latest information from all around the web and place it for you over here.


Leaven for Humanae Vitae , The

Blog hosted by Juliana Davis,Catholic wife, mother of five, MIL of three, grandmother of seven, Lay Missionary for Evangelium Vitae with Priests for Life. Co-founder of The Leaven for Humanae Vitae, 1987. Formed The Leaven for Humanae Vitae to raise awareness of the wisdom of this oft misunderstood living document of the Church to build a culture of life.

A Catholic organization designed exclusively for top-ranking Catholic business leaders. The organization offers a unique support network of like-minded Catholics who influence the world marketplace and have the ability to practice and infuse their faith in the daily lives and workplaces of their family, friends, colleagues and employees.

Les Femmes, Inc.

Les Femmes, Inc. is an independent media apostolate of orthodox Roman Catholic laity in the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, committed to catechesis and apologetics through publication of a quarterly newsletter, THE TRUTH, and other ad hoc projects.  They affirm the complete deposit of the faith as passed down from the apostles and their successors, accept without reservation the authority of the Magisterium speaking in union with the Holy Father, and embrace in faith every doctrine promulgated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and other official Church documents.

Life Decisions International (LDI)
brings together many of North America's leading experts for its primary mission of challenging the radical agenda of Planned Parenthood worldwide.

Life Eternal
Catechetical materials from Father John Hardon, S.J.

Love and Responsibility Foundation
The Love and Responsibilty web site is dedicated to increasing understanding of Pope John Paul II's teaching on human love and sexuality. The Pope has written with deep beauty on this all-important topic, and we are motivated by thought that it is possible to read what he has written, learn from it, and share what we learn with others!

The Marian Catechist
Provides The Basic and the Advanced home-study Courses of Father John Hardon, S.J.


Mariological Society of America

The Mariological Society of America (MSA) is a Catholic theological association dedicated to studying and making known the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the mystery of Christ and in the Church and in the history of salvation. Through its annual meeting and in its publication, Marian Studies, the Society seeks to promote original research in Marian doctrine and devotion.  

Mary Page
This page is maintained by The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute, Dayton, Ohio 45469-1390, answers questions about Mary.

Mass Times
A Ministry to Traveling Catholics. Search By: Place/City Name · Postal/Zip Code · Phone Number.

Miles Jesu
(Latin for "Soldier of Jesus") is a form of consecrated life in the Catholic Church for the laity, known as an Ecclesial Family of Consecrated Life, whose purpose is "to instill Catholic ideals and goals in the world to further the Kingdom of Christ, making Him the Center of all human life".

NFP International
The primary mission of NFP International is to promote and teach Natural Family Planning. This includes ecological breastfeeding, systematic NFP, marital chastity, and the call to generosity in having children and raising them in the ways of the Lord. A secondary mission is to uphold traditional Christian teaching about love, marriage and sexuality and to provide materials that people can use to improve their spiritual lives.


National Association of Catholic Families, The (UK)

The National Association of Catholic Families is an association of Catholic families who give one another mutual moral, spiritual and social support in today's culture which is so threatening to our Catholic family values.

Natural Family Planning (NFP) Outreach.

NFP Outreach is a comprehensive clearinghouse for accurate, practical, up-to-date information on Natural Family Planning, its practice, its effectiveness, its benefits and its underlying moral principles.


New Catholic Dictionary
This is an ongoing project to put the 1910 version of the New Catholic Dictionary online. The Dictionary has thousands of short articles that clearly, simply explain aspects of Catholic life and influence. Many of the topics concern day to day things, practices and terms that have passed into obscurity, but deserve better.


One More Soul

One More Soul (OMS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the truth about the blessings of children and the harms of contraception. They carry a wide variety of educational resources, including CDs, DVDs, pamphlets, booklets, books, and more. Click here to their on-line catalog.

Option Line
The Option Line is a pro-life telephone resource with consultants who refer each caller to a pregnancy resource center in her area for answers to questions about abortion, pregnancy tests, STD's, adoption, parenting, medical referrals, housing, and many other issues. The toll-free number is available to callers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Opus Dei
Opus Dei is a personal prelature of the Catholic Church. It was founded in Madrid on October 2, 1928, by St. Josemaría Escrivá. Currently over 80,000 people from every continent belong to the prelature. Its headquarters, together with its prelatic church, are in Rome. The Second Vatican Council taught that all the baptized are called to follow Jesus Christ, by living according to the Gospel and making it known to others. The aim of Opus Dei is to contribute to that evangelizing mission of the Church. Opus Dei encourages Christians of all social classes to live consistently with their faith, in the middle of the ordinary circumstances of their lives, especially through the sanctification of their work.

Pope John Paul II
Short Biography of Pope John Paul II
Biography Pre-Pontificate
Biography Pontificate

Writings and Speeches of Pope John Paul II
Wednesday Audiences

Population Research Institute
A pro-life educational organization, founded by Father Paul Marx, dedicated to protecting and defending human life, ending human rights abuses committed in the name of family planning, and dispelling the myth of overpopulation.

Pornography Harms
This site is dedicated to providing the most accurate peer-reviewed research on the harm from pornography, along with relevant news and opinion. The site will be of great help to researchers at all academic levels and the press and concerned public.

Priests for Life
The mission of Priests for Life is to unite and encourage all clergy to give special emphasis to the life issues in their ministry. It also seeks to help them take a more vocal and active role in the pro-life movement, with predominant emphasis on the issues of abortion and euthanasia. Priests for Life exists in order to show the clergy how to fight the culture of death. Excellent resource for the laity as well.

Ratzinger Report - The Wisdom of Pope Benedict XVI
Homilies, speeches, articles, Church documents, and books given to us by the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

The Real Presence Association, Inc.
Eucharistic Education and Adoration

Relevant Radio

Remnant of Israel
The mission of Remnant of Israel is to teach Jews and Christians about the Jewish roots of the Catholic Faith. Remnant of Israel works with the Church to promote reconciliation between Jews and Catholics by focusing primarily on the unity of the Divine Revelation to the People of God in Sacred Scripture.

Saint Joseph Foundation
Association of the Christian Faithful dedicated to protecting the rights of all Catholics in their church using the means established by the Church to obtain remedies.

Seton Home Study School

Catholic Home Schooling At Its Best!

In his Letter to Families, Pope John Paul II wrote: “Parents are the first and the most important educators of their own children, and they also possess a fundamental competence in this area; they are educators because they are parents.”

This quotation from His Holiness sums up very well the philosophy of Seton Home Study School. We are here to assist parents with their educational duties. We help by providing counseling by phone, message boards, fax, and e-mail. We also provide daily lesson plans, testing services, books, software, videos, online testing, online audio lectures, and other educational materials for Catholic homeschooling.

  • Nationally Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  Internationally Accredited by the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation


St Joseph Communications
Saint Joseph Communications is the largest international Catholic audio and video tape production and distribution company in the country. We have offices in West Covina, California and distributors in Canada, England, Australia and the Philippines. We specialize in providing Catholic Education on audio and video media, both private and commercial audio CD and cassette tape duplication services, seminar recording, blank audio cassette tape sales, and many other services.

Saint Joseph's Covenant Keepers
St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers (i.e. SJCK) is an informal international network of Christian men, under the patronage of St. Joseph, dedicated to strengthening the family. The primary thrust of St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers is to men who are fathers of children still living at home. However, we warmly welcome Christian men of all ages, callings, and states in life: grandfathers wanting to strengthen their children and grandchildren; single men preparing for the vocation of marriage; and especially pastors serving as indispensable spiritual fathers in the family of God. Participation is open to all men who agree with, and who are willing to promote, the eight commitments of St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers.

Scripture Catholic
Scripture Catholic provides over 2,000 Scripture citations from the Old and New Testament that explain and defend the teachings of the Catholic Church. Each citation is followed by a brief exegesis of a point of Catholic teaching and assumes the reader has some understanding of the Protestant position.

Too Many Aborted

Mission: To educate African-Americans about abortion’s impact on the Black community via accurate and documented statistics, historical perspectives, provocative videos, and personal testimonies.  To expose Planned Parenthood’s propaganda and reveal the true intentions of this billion-dollar nonprofit organization.

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops - Official Site.

Vatican - Official Site

Vatican Radio
The official Vatican Site. Vatican Radio broadcasts in 5 continents. Programs are broadcast in
40 different languages produced by two hundred journalists from 61 different countries.

What the Cardinals Believe
This website seeks to give users insight into the Cardinals of the Catholic Church. By providing news articles on an individual cardinal, it helps Catholics track his key pronouncements, decisions and actions in order to understand who he is and what can be expected from him. Its main resource comes in the form of articles and a picture for over 150 cardinals, both living and deceased.

ZENIT is an International News Agency who’s mission is to provide objective coverage of events, documents and issues emanating from or concerning the Catholic Church.




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