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The Truth About Homosexuality

“We are to Show Love and Compassion Towards Homosexuals by Leading them to the Truth, and Helping Them to Reject Sinful Homosexual Activity.”

 This 4 part series was published in the El Paso Times as a paid advertisement, by Father Michael Rodriguez.

As our Savior hung from the Cross, His Precious Blood streamed forth to pay for all the crimes of a lost world. Who, after this, would continue in sin, and so renew the cruel crucifixion of the Son of God? After His death, Jesus Christ’s sacred side was pierced by a lance, “and immediately there came out blood and water.” (Jn 19:34) The Son of God, showing the depth and breadth of His love, shed His Precious Blood down to the last drop in order to redeem man from sin. What inexpressible love! The Most Precious Blood of our Savior is a testament to the immensity of God’s love. It is simultaneously a testament to the reality and horror of man’s sin.

Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice on Calvary and the shedding of His Most Precious Blood are made present daily on the altars of His Church! Holding the Precious Blood in her chalices, the Roman Catholic Church continues to teach the truth about God’s love. She shall do so until the end of time. She likewise continues to teach the truth about the gruesomeness of sin.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church presents the truth about homosexuality in three paragraph numbers, #2357-#2359. We can summarize this truth in five points:

(1) Homosexual acts are acts of grave depravity; they are mortal sins which cry to heaven for vengeance. Under no circumstances can they be approved;

(2) Homosexuality is an objective disorder;

(3) The Church gives no definitive teaching as to the origin or cause of homosexuality;

(4) Homo-sexual persons are to be treated with respect, compassion, and sensitivity;

(5) Homosexual persons are called to chastity and growth in virtue. Aided by sacramental grace and prayer, they are to strive for Christian perfection.

The shedding of our Savior’s Precious Blood witnesses to the unending love of God. Every baptized soul is a child of God. Without question, God loves all of His children, regardless of sexual “orientation.” We Catholics must show charity, respect , and understanding towards our homosexual brothers and sisters. As baptized Catholics, they too form part of the Mystical Body of Christ.

Above all, we are to show love and compassion towards homosexuals by leading them to the truth, and helping them to reject sinful homosexual activity. Remember, it’s about saving souls! We must be firm, yet humble, patient, and caring. Love and compassion means assisting the homosexual person to live chastely, form wholesome friendships, and grow in the virtues: peace, patience, benignity, goodness, longanimity (patient endurance), mildness, faith, and modesty. (Gal 5:22) Happiness and self-fulfillment can never be gained through sinful relationships and disordered sexual activity. True and lasting happiness is found by following Christ, denying oneself, carrying one’s cross, and being faithful to God’s holy law. Jesus Christ promises, “For he that will save his life, shall lose it; and he that shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it.” (Mt 16:25)

We practice charity towards homosexual persons by helping them strive for Christian perfection. We should be ready to kneel with them before the healing Cross of Christ, which is the source of supernatural grace: frequent attendance at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Confession, fervent Holy Communions, praying the Holy Rosary daily, abundant acts of penance and mortification, and a tender devotion to the most pure Mother of God. Never forget that it is she, conceived without sin, who is crushing the infernal serpent’s head.

Although the Church gives no definitive answer as to the cause of homosexuality, she does teach that it is objectively disordered. It follows logically, then, that someone’s sin (even society’s sins) plays a primary role in giving rise to the homosexual disorder, e.g. dysfunctional parent-child relationships, divorce, absent fathers, and sexual abuse. It’s probable that many homosexuals don’t consciously “choose” their sexual “orientation.”  However, it’s a certainty that many have been profoundly wounded by the sins of others, even since the earliest years of their lives. 

The Truth About Homosexuality, Part II

Woe to the Christian Who Denies the Reality of Sin!

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, a leading world expert who has worked with hundreds of homosexual men over the past fifteen years, states, “I have never met a single  homosexual man who said he had a close, loving, and respectful relationship with his father.” Dr. Nicolosi explains that boys have a critical developmental task that girls don’t: a boy needs to disidentify with his mother and identify with his father if he’s to grow into a normal heterosexual man. “Every boy has a deep longing to be held, to be loved by a father figure, to be mentored into the world of men, and to have his masculine nature affirmed and declared good enough by his male peers, his male elders, and mentors.”

Anne Paulk, a former lesbian, published a book in 2003, Restoring Sexual Identity: Hope for Women Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction. The core of her book is based upon results of a survey she conducted of ex-gay women who described their family relationships, sexual abuse, youthful experimentation and emotions. Paulk concludes that for a girl to develop a healthy female identity, it’s critical that she have: (1) a mother who enjoys being a woman and esteems her role as a wife and mother, (2) a family where the mother loves her husband and supports his role as the head of the family, (3) a father who respects and cherishes his wife and does not degrade her.

Mrs. Paulk notes that the following are significant factors in women developing an attraction to other women: childhood trauma, poor self-image, anger at men, poor relation-ships with either or both parents, and pro-homosexual media propaganda.

An integral part of the Church’s pastoral ministry to homosexuals must be to address the aforementioned issues with honesty, compassion, sensitivity, trust in God, and reliance on His grace.

The shedding of our Savior’s Precious Blood witnesses to the monstrosity of sin. Our Blessed Lord is afflicted from head to foot, torn and reddened by the spilling of His adorable Blood … and we continue to sin? Under no circumstances can sinful homosexual acts ever be approved. Woe to the Christian who denies the reality of sin! It is never loving and respectful to lie to homosexuals by telling them that homosexual behavior is o.k. or “normal.” Don’t be fooled by the well-orchestrated campaigns of misinformation and deceit by pro-homosexual groups which have infested the media. Instead, trust in God and His commandments! Trust in the teachings of His Church! Homosexual acts were, are, and always will be an abomination before God and man. This is an infallible moral teaching of the Catholic Church to which every Catholic must give assent.

Therefore, all Catholics have a moral obligation before God to oppose any government attempt to legalize same-sex unions. Here in El Paso, certain City Council members have remained obstinate in promoting public recognition and legitimization of homosexual unions. Whether they realize it or not, their actions are objectively immoral and gravely harmful to marriage and the family. It should be obvious to all Catholics what our duty is with respect to these members of City Council.

The U.S. Catholic bishops wrote in their Pastoral Letter on Marriage (Nov. 2009),

“The legal recognition of same- sex unions poses a multifaceted threat to the very fabric of society, striking at the source from which society and culture come and which they are meant to serve.  Such recognition affects all people, married and non-married: not only at the fundamental levels of the good of the spouses, the good of children, the intrinsic dignity of every human person, and the common good, but also at the levels of education, cultural imagination and influence, and religious freedom.”

We beseech thee, O Immaculate Virgin Mary, offer to the Eternal Father the Precious Blood of thy Son in reparation for sins against the Sixth and Ninth Commandments. 

The Truth About Homosexuality; Part III

A True Pastoral Approach Clearly Teaches the Church’s
Position and Is Not Silent About It  . . .

In the Letter on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons, dated October 1, 1986, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (headed by then-Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI) wrote, “We encourage the Bishops to provide pastoral care in full accord with the teaching of the Church for homosexual persons of their dioceses. No authentic pastoral program will include organizations in which homosexual persons associate with each other without clearly stating that homo-sexual activity is immoral. A truly pastoral approach will appreciate the need for homosexual persons to avoid the near occasions of sin. We wish to make it clear that departure from the Church’s teaching, or silence about it, in an effort to provide pastoral care is neither caring nor pastoral. Only what is true can ultimately be pastoral. The neglect of the Church’s position prevents homosexual men and women from receiving the care they need and deserve.”

The Catholic Church shows particular maternal solicitude towards homosexual persons. In other words, as a loving Mother, she cares more than anyone else about homosexuals. The above directive makes it clear that anyone who dissents from Church teaching or is silent about it, is neither loving nor showing care to homosexuals. Only what is true can ultimately be pastoral. If one neglects to preach the truth, one is committing a grave disservice, even injustice, to homosexual men and women, depriving them of “the care they need and deserve.”

Only what is true can ultimately be loving. Let’s review the truth about homosexuality.

(1) Homo-sexual acts are acts of grave depravity; they are mortal sins which cry to heaven for vengeance. Under no circumstances can they be approved;

(2) Homosexuality is an objective disorder;

(3) The Church gives no definitive teaching as to the origin or cause of homosexuality;

(4) Homo-sexual persons are to be treated with respect, compassion, and sensitivity;

(5) Homosexual persons are called to chastity and growth in virtue. Aided by sacramental grace and prayer, they are to strive for Christian perfection. (Catechism #2357-#2359)

Anyone, it does not matter who, anyone (e.g. whether Catholic or non-Catholic, whether family members or support-groups, whether academic institutions or civic associations, whether government agencies or the United Nations) who does not adhere to the above “summary” of Catholic Church teaching, is a foe of homosexuals, not a friend.

The Catholic Church, guided by the Holy Spirit, teaches that the greatest evil in the world is sin, “to the eyes of faith no evil is graver than sin and nothing has worse consequences for sinners themselves, for the Church, and for the whole world.” (Catechism #1488). Unfortunately, for those with little or no faith, it’s extremely difficult to realize and accept how terrible and destructive sin is. This however, doesn’t change the facts. Engaging in depraved and unnatural sexual acts will lead directly to the ruin of both the homosexual’s body and soul. If you love the person how can you possibly lie to them and tell them something different? Our very anatomy cries out against the lie that homosexual acts are “o.k.” Remember, only what is true can ultimately be loving.

Sin breeds sin, and the devastating consequences of personal sins spread to society, poison the world, and even stain Holy Mother Church. It’s downright shocking to find “Catholics” who are dissenting from Catholic Church teaching on homosexuality. This is an additional wound inflicted upon the Body of Christ, because now these “Catholics,” by rejecting the truth of Jesus Christ, have placed themselves outside of communion with the Church! It gets worse.

Reflect, first there are (a) individuals committing mortal sins of a homo-sexual nature; next, evil extends its tentacles to

(b) society as a whole accepting homosexuality and homo-sexual activity as “normal”; and finally, iniquity’s victory is all but sealed when

(c) laws are enacted which impose the putrid homosexual ideology on everyone, while those who, rightfully resist it, are ridiculed, attacked, and persecuted.

We are fast becoming a godless society. History does indeed repeat itself, another Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Truth About Homosexuality, Part IV

The Stench of Moral Decadence Surrounds Us

“In the beginning God created heaven, and earth. And the earth was void and empty, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God moved over the waters. And God said: Be light made. And light was made.” (Gen 1:1-3) “And God created man to His own image: to the image of God He created him: male and female he created them.” (Gen 1:27) “And God blessed them, saying: Increase and multiply.” (Gen 1:28)

In the beginning, our loving God created man in His own image and likeness: male and female. Today, at the outset of the 21st century, man in his insolent pride contends that God got it wrong. In the fullness of time, “the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.” (Jn 1:14) The shepherds went in haste and found the Holy Family: Mary and Joseph, and the Infant lying in the manger. (Lk 2:16) Today, throughout 21st century America, elementary school children are being indoctrinated by homosexual activists that there are “different kinds of families.” Jesus Christ preached against the man who looks upon a woman and lusts after her. (Mt 5:28). Today, 21st century man, a slave to the fires of his passion and lust, cries “equal rights” in order to justify the abomination of male-male or female-female “unions.” The stench of moral decadence surrounds us, and yet we insist on spreading the lie that we of the 21st century are “enlightened and progressive” because we’ve “moved beyond the prejudices of the past.”

Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, died on the Cross to save mankind. By His suffering, death, and resurrection, the Son of God instituted the Seven Sacraments of Salvation, one of which is Matrimony. The Sacrament of Matrimony is essential to God’s Plan of Salvation, and ALL CATHOLICS MUST respect, defend, and live by this great Sacrament of Christ’s love. No earthly power—no king, president, parliament, congress, judge, no government—has the authority to change or undermine marriage.

Jesus bequeathed all His power, celestial and terrestrial, to Peter and the Apostles (Mt 16:18-19, 28:18-20). With this authority, the Roman Catholic Church teaches, “The importance of the family for the life and well-being of society entails a particular responsibility for society to support and strengthen marriage and the family. Civil authority should consider it a grave duty to acknowledge the true nature of marriage and the family, to protect and foster them, to safeguard public morality, and promote domestic prosperity.” (Catechism #2210)

Here in El Paso, civil authority, by promoting the social acceptance and legitimization of homosexual unions, is acting immorally and completely contradicting its responsibility to “support and strengthen marriage and the family.”

The legalization of homosexual unions is a lethal strike against the common good of society: it severely weakens private and public morality, undermines marriage and the family, and is a crime against children.

Instead of acknowledging the true nature of marriage and the family, the civil authority in our city is promoting “domestic partners.” Rather than protect and foster marriage and the family, they are undermining these most sacred gifts of God. Instead of safeguarding public morality, they are opening the floodgates to a final dismantling of whatever private and public morality we have left. Rather than promote domestic prosperity, they are choosing to give sanction to “unions” which are sure to wreck final chaos and dysfunction in the family.

Long ago, near “the beginning,” the serpent tempted Adam and Eve with the pleasures of the world and the flesh. They succumbed. They disobeyed God. As the 21st century enfolds, the serpent’s maleficent lies have intensified, leading man to strike against God’s supreme work of creation: male and female! It’s no longer about forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil; nay, it is now an attempt to uproot the very Tree of Life, the Cross of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Lady of Fatima, you promised the triumph of your Immaculate Heart, ora pro nobis.

Fr. Michael Rodríguez is a parish priest at Santa Teresa Catholic Church in Presidio, Texas.




Copyright © 2004 Victor Claveau. All Rights Reserved