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National Girl Scouts Pro-Abortion

J.C. Willke, M.D.

The National Girl Scout’s continual drift into radical pro-abortion feminism was recently highlighted. A major speaker at their annual October convention was Kavita Ramdas, president and CEO of the Global Fund for Women, a radical pro-abortion feminist organization. Ms. Ramdas was quoted on its website in 2003 stating, “As women in the US celebrate the 30th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, we are proud to bring you highlights of ongoing efforts to protect women’s reproductive health and rights.” Another major speaker was Dr. Johnetta Cole, an equally radical, pro-abortion feminist who keynoted this national convention in Atlanta.

The national leadership should have learned a lesson last year in Waco, Texas. There, a Girl Scout council cosponsored a teen sex education conference with Planned Parenthood and honored its executive director. When this was publicized, there was a literal explosion from parents and the community. A cookie boycott was called. Only after a firestorm of protest did the Council sever its ties with Planned Parenthood.

However, the national organization had not changed. On NBC’s Today Show, Kathy Cloninger, the CEO of Girls Scouts USA, admitted that it “partners with Planned Parenthood across the country to bring information based sex education programs to girls.” In response to this, STOPP International surveyed all 350 Scout councils. Eighty percent refused to answer. 17 councils said they do associate with Planned Parenthood, and 49 said they do not.

The Waco bishop told his 30 Catholic troops “Scouting troops should not support, encourage, or in anyway endorse the activities and programs of Planned Parenthood or any other organization espousing similar beliefs and practices. Those who embrace such beliefs will not be permitted the use of parish or school facilities.”

Other Documented Examples:
- A former Planned Parenthood official has been appointed to lead the Great Plains Council of the Girl Scouts in Nebraska.
- Junior Girl Scouts in Pennsylvania can attend a workshop on puberty, designed by Planned Parenthood, and earn a badge.
- Connecticut Girl Scouts honored a Planned Parenthood official for promoting “health practices” in local troops.
- Amarillo, Texas, Girl Scouts sponsored a Planned Parenthood sex education seminar for 4th through 8th graders.
- The national organization openly acknowledged its acceptance of lesbians in leadership positions.
- In Philadelphia, to earn their badge “to be a woman” they may refer to Planned Parenthood as a resource. This could include touring an abortion clinic.
- Kathryn Lopez with the National Review wrote, “The time is long past when parents decide what a girl’s lifestyle should be.”
- Some years ago, Girls Scouts began purging materials of positive references to homemakers.
- The Scouts now promote “girl empowerment,” focusing heavily on a narcissistic devotion to self.

So if you think that your 12-year-old daughter who joined the scouts to go hiking, collect leaves, make candles and do bird watching is in safe hands, it may be time for you to investigate what your Girl Scout troop and council are doing. We must emphasize there are hundreds of troops that still observe the traditional family- and God-centered practices of the original Girl Scouts. But the philosophy coming down from National is spreading. In the meantime, understand that there are 3.7 million Girl Scouts, each of whom pays a $10 membership fee which goes directly to the National office. This brings over $26,000,000 a year into its national treasury. The National Catholic Register in May noted that there are still some Christian people in its leadership, but “We are outnumbered. The feminists have been infiltrating for too long. We should have started fighting back ten years ago.”

An Alternative Exists
As an alternative to the pro-abortion mentality in the leadership of the Girl Scouts of America, Patti Garibay, a former Girl Scout leader in Cincinnati, founded the national American Heritage Girls. It has troops in 32 states. Its program includes the Judeo-Christian values on which our country was founded. It strives to enhance the girls’ life experiences with fun-filled activities supervised by trained adults, supported by family members and to do all the things that Girl Scouting was originally founded to do.

In the National Girl Scout Promise, “I will try to serve God,” God now has an asterisk indicating that you can interpret this word anyway you wish and substitute it with any other word.” Patti Garibay said, “God in our lives is not optional. We believe that character building programs for youth, such as scouting, demands a moral compass. Our scouting programs are based on a philosophical basis of biblical truths and a continued commitment to assist girls as they grow in their relationship with Christ.” For more information, contact American Heritage Girls at



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