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China Labels Stanford Researcher "International spy" For Exposing Forced Abortion Policy

Stephen Mosher responsible for US Government De-Funding of UN Population Fund

TORONTO, ON, August 26, 2005 ( - Stephen Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute (PRI), is one of the few North American academics that can legitimately boast the label of international spy. The one-time Stanford university doctorate candidate and internationally acclaimed population researcher has for years been on a blacklist of international spies by the Chinese government. His crime is his vocal criticism of China’s murderous, anti-human rights forced-abortion, forced-sterilization policy.

Stephen Mosher pensiveIn a talk this past Wednesday, aptly held at Chinese Martyrs Parish in Markham, Ontario, the soft-spoken anthropologist and sociologist related his experiences as the sole North American social scientist permitted to conduct research in China in 1979-1980. He was one of the first fifty U.S. academics allowed into the country under China’s communist government.

“I have a confession to make,” he told the audience of about fifty. “When I went to China I was not pro-life. I was pro-abortion. I thought it was a woman’s right to choose…I also thought when I went to China that China was overpopulated. China had too many people.”

“And then I went and listened to the Chinese people.”

Mosher, who is fluent in a common Chinese dialect, related how while living in a Chinese village he had witnessed women, some his personal friends, who became pregnant with an “illegal” second child and who were subsequently forced to have an abortion. Those mothers who refused were arrested and jailed and underwent daily propaganda, or brain-washing sessions, until they agreed to abort their child. Those who remained in prison until they went into labour “were taken to the abortion clinic crying, by force, and they were given a poison shot.”

“You cannot witness the abortion of a woman who is seven months pregnant, and not know exactly what it is that’s happening,” said Mosher, who was able to intimately observe and interview the arrested women, even so far as accompanying them to the abortion clinics. “What is happening is the wounding of a mother and the death of a child.”

“I began to realize that China’s problems, China’s backwardness at that point in time, hadn’t been caused by the fact that there was so many Chinese people, or that the Chinese people were having too many problems, but was caused because there was a corrupt government in power, a government that instead of letting the Chinese people develop China, had stood in the way.”

“Demographers have no conception of overpopulation. What they mean is poverty,” he alleged. “Famine and starvation does happen in the world, but it happens as a result usually of government interference with the production of food… We produce enough grain that everyone could eat a couple pounds of grain a day. We have a problem with distributing food, but we don’t have a problem with overall food production. The world today could feed about 12 to 14 billion people.”

The great famine under Chairman Mao, Mosher explained, had absolutely nothing to do with an actual shortage of food or an excess of population, but was rather the result of an escalation of destructive administrative errors, culminating in the direct confiscation of desperately needed grain from the poor and a refusal to seek assistance from wealthy Western countries.

“What has really held China back is the fact of government corruption and mismanagement…These Chinese people are China’s greatest resource; they can develop China if they’re given half a chance.”

Some of the inevitable consequences of the current one-child policy that are now rearing their heads after a generation of the policy are the 25 million young men who will go without wives, the buying and selling of women both nationally and internationally, an increase in homosexuality, labour shortages, and a rapidly aging population, amongst other things.

Mosher prophesied that since it is impossible to sustain a population that is aging faster than any other population in history, in the next number of years “what we may see in China is another population control program, not directed at the very young, but directed at the elderly…They will use propaganda campaigns. They will order the elderly to come to meetings; they will subject them to long lectures on the need for them to serve the state and serve their country by ending their life.”

The Communist Party, despite the devastation of its one-child policy, Mosher revealed, is still strongly committed to the policy despite lulling media reports that it has been softening its stand. The pro-life China expert reported that the government is determined to follow all the way through on the recommendations of a government White Paper calling for its brutal policy to continue to about 2050 in order to reduce the country’s population to 600 million from its current 1.2 billion level.

The brutality will therefore increase rather than decrease in order to meet that unimaginable population reduction target. However, strictly from a pragmatic perspective, Mosher emphasized, this is certain to result in economic disaster for the still struggling nation since its population is its real economic strength. Mosher stated, “every abortion is hindering China’s economic development” but the Communists do not want to admit at this late stage that they have been wrong about their abortion policy.

The Population Research Institute and the force of Mosher’s in-depth research and personal experience has brought about much good since his ’79 research trip. “I have done everything that I can to keep my designation as an international spy,” said Mosher, who lost the doctorate he had earned at Stanford University, after the Chinese government threatened that unless the university severely punished him no other Stanford scholar would be allowed into China.

In the 80’s, under president Reagan, Mosher testified before congress about the human rights abuses taking place in China. As a consequence of his evidence the United States cut off funding to the United Nations Population Fund, the aim of which is to reduce the worldwide population, and which had given China $50 million to support its forced one-child policy.

That funding was re-instated under Clinton. But again under the Bush administration Mosher sent investigators into China to prove that the UN Population Fund was involved in China’s forced abortion, forced sterilization program. Again their evidence caused the United States to cut off funding to the UN fund. “We’ve cost them $150 million,” said Mosher. “And that’s the good news.”

“The bad news is that Canada has promised to make up for some of that funding shortfall.” In fact, Mosher explained, Canada has agreed to massively increasing funding by tens of million of dollars to the Population fund over the next two or three years, to make up for the loss of the United State’s funding.

“I don’t think that most Canadians, if they knew what the UN Population Fund was doing in China, in terms of cooperating with, collaborating with and facilitating the one child policy, would want their tax money for that purpose.”

Currently the PRI is involved in ensuring that women seeking asylum in the United States because of the one-child policy are granted refuge. They have also set up orphanages in China, and safe-houses where pregnant women fleeing of population control authorities can hide. They have also funded the restoration and building of a number of Churches.

Visit the Population Research Institute’s Web Site at:

A video of Mosher’s impressive Toronto talk, which included more than reported above, will be available to readers in the near future.



Copyright © 2004 Victor Claveau. All Rights Reserved