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Abortion: Menace to Women & Children, Crime Against Humanity, Economic Disaster, Historic Horror

By Ron Gray, National Leader Christian Heritage Party of Canada

It's absurd, of course, to suggest that abortion is solely "a women's issue" when half the corpses are male. But since it is an issue of importance to women, let's consider their concerns first.

FACT: Abortion hurts -- and sometimes kills -- women.

First, there is the undeniable link with breast cancer. It's no coincidence that the present epidemic of breast cancer began in the early 1970s -- just after so-called "therapeutic abortion" opened the flood-gates. In a on the Canadian Public Affairs Channel (C-PAC), Canadian health researcher Isabelle Begin presented extensive evidence supporting a link between induced abortion and breast cancer. She said that informed consent legislation must be implemented to ensure that women are given the necessary information about this risk.

Begin noted that in its Global Action Plan of 1997, the World Conference on Breast Cancer finally included "induced termination of pregnancy" in its list of possible risk factors for breast cancer.

"Indeed, 43 studies throughout the world since 1957 have shown that induced abortion carries an increased risk of breast cancer of 30 to 610%," she said. (The difference dpends upon the number of abortions a woman has, says researcher Dr. Joel Brind.)

18,700 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in Canada. Some women die from the direct effects of the abortion. A 19-year-old woman in Terrace, BC, for example, was killed by her abortion. Many others, who have their abortions in free-standing "clinics" and then go (or are sent) to hospital emergency wards later, are actually hurt or killed by abortion but it isn't listed as the cause of death because the hospital has no record of the abortion. And some will wind up with perforated uteruses, colostomies, etc. Some are made permanently sterile.

Many others suffer psychologically from 'post abortion syndrome'. A Taiwanese company now offers 'fetus ghost appeasement' on the Internet at $100. Their business wouldn't thrive there if there were not a big market of suffering women to exploit.

"But weren't there thousands of deaths from back-alley abortions every year before abortion became legal?" you may ask.


One of the former leaders of the pro-abortion movement in the USA, Dr. Bernard Nathanson -- founder and first president of the National Abortion Rights Action League -- admitted in his book 'Aborting America' that NARAL lied to promote its cause. He doesn't equivocate; he uses the word "lied". They alleged about 5,000 maternal deaths a year in the USA when abortion was illegal. The real number? Dr. Nathanson says it was under 40 -- and he says more than that number die today from so-called "safe, legal" abortions.

Of course, abortion is not properly a "health" service at all; it cure no known disease, and almost always results in the death of one of the two patients.

Furthermore, abortion is laying the groundwork for a huge economic disaster for Canada:

* First, the 110,000 children we kill ecah year in Canada have to be replaced in the population by immigration. But the average age of those immigrants is abotu 33 years when they come to Canada. In 32 years, when the babies we're killing would just be entering their peak productive years (if we had allowed them to live) -- and so contributing to the pension plan -- their 'replacements' will become eligible for their pensions -- and start drawing out of the pension fund. If we keep killing the future, who will care for us when we're old?

* Second, Canada -- like the rest of the industrialized world -- is now facing a severe "birth dearth", as birth rates fall far, far below the replacement level of 2.1 children per woman. In Québec, where I live, the rate is now only 1.2.

The population agency of the United Nations says within 10 years, the world's population will begin a precipitous decline -- much faster than the rate of increase over the past 50 years. One result of that decline will be an economic contraction that will be worse than The Great Depression of the 1930s.

Another result of abortion that can never be measured: how many researchers, artists, philosophers have we killed before they drew their first breath? Have we killed the discovered of a cure for cander or AIDS? A composer surpassing Beethoven? An humanitarian like Mother Teresa? Who knows? Future generations will rightly condemn the 20th century for the 'silent holocaust' of abortion, which has been the worst crime against humanity in human history.

When will we come to our senses? When will we realize that this issue, ignored by all major political parties in Canada, is actually the most important of all? Without the right to life, other rights fade to nothing.



Copyright © 2004 Victor Claveau. All Rights Reserved