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Marriage and the Family


A beautiful Answer to a Tough Question (Rabbi Aron Moss)

A Basic Theology of Marriage (Christopher West)

A Civil Argument About Dignity, Beliefs and Marriage

(Iain T. Benson)

Addressing fatherhood (Donald DeMarco)

Artificial Contraception (Victor R. Claveau)

Chastity Before Marriage: a Fresh Perspective (Mark Lowery)

Church Teaching on Contraception (Part 1) (Fr. William Saunders)

Church Teaching on Contraception (part 2) (Fr. William Saunders)

Church Teaching on Contraception (part 3) (Fr. William Saunders)Contraceptives Diminish Marital Union

Church Teaching on Contraception (part 4 (Fr. William Saunders)

Natural Family Planning

Church Teaching on Contraception (part 5) (Fr. William Saunders) Contraceptive References in the Bible

Church Teaching on Contraception (part 6) (Fr. William Saunders)

Contraceptives Show Grave Consequences

Consequences of the sacramental 'yes' in Marriage (Fr Ireneusz Skubis)

Conjugal Intimacy (Marshall Fightlin)

Contraception — the Bitter Pill (George Sim Johnston)

Contraception: Why Not? (Janet Smith)

Diocese of Phoenix Natural Family Planning Promo Video

Do I Need and Annulment?

(Jacqueline Rapp, JCL AND Pete Vere, JCL)

Doing What Christ Tells Us About Marriage (Fr. Roger Landry)

Families' Priceless Gift to Free Society: Self-Giving Love

(Louise Perrotta)

Family Decline: The Findings of Social Science (Paul C. Vitz)

How to Choose a Spouse (Marshall Fightlin)

Feminism and the Family an Indissoluble Marriage (Mary Ann Glendon)

For Better or for Worse?  (Mary Ann Glendon)

Forty Years Wandering (John Kippley)

How Splitting Up Brought Them Together (Una McManus)

How to Choose a Spouse (Marshall Fightlin)

In Defense of the Family (Maggie Gallagher)

Introduction — Marriage: the Mystery of Faithful Love

(Alice Von Hildebrand)

Is the family still the basic unit of society?

(Cardinal George Pell) 16 April 2004

John Paul II's Theology of the Body: Key to an Authentic Marital & Family Spirituality (Christopher West)

Know Your Body: A Family Guide to Sexuality & Fertility

(Charles W. Norris, M.D. & Jeanne B. Waibel Owen)

Language of the Body (Janet Smith)

Life & Love Revisited (Rev. David J. Erickson)

Marriage and the Complementarity of Male and Female

(William E. May)

Marital Anger (Richard P. Fitzgibbons)

Marriage 101 (Mary Joseph)

Marriage in the 50 States (The Heritage Foundation)

Marriage Now Just a Sexual Relationship

(Rev. Raymond De Souza)

Mary and the Gift of Life: Motherhood Requires Openness to the New Person (Mary Shivanandan)

Miscarriage (D. Ashley Hill, M.D.)

Missionary Cohabitating (Terry Mattingly)

Natural Family Planning and Self-Mastery (Janet Smith)

Of Human Life: A pastoral letter to the people of God of northern Colorado on the truth and meaning of married love

(Right Reverend Charles J. Chaput)

On Human Sexuality: A Response of the Holy See to Parents

(Msgr. John F. McCarthy)

On Romance (Mark Shea)

Pope Encourages Catholics to Have Large Families, Citing “Demographic Deficit”

Prophylactics or Family Values? (Msgr. Suadeau)

Proposing Courtship (Amy A. Kass & Leon R. Kass)

"Sexual Wisdom" - a summary (Dr. Richard Wetzel, M.D.)

Supporting parents, the primary educators and protectors of their children (Edmund P. Adamus)

Talk to Kids about Sex, Love, and Character

(Thomas Lickona)

Talking Frankly about Ecological Breastfeeding

(Kate Wicker)

The Blessing of a Chaste Life (Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted)

"The Church Becomes the Basis of Our Hope" (Bishop Jean Laffitte, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Family, Address to Couple to Couple League. August 2010.)

The Christian View of Sex: A Time for Apologetics, not Apologies

(Janet Smith)

The Clarifying Light of Humanae Vitae (Mary Claire Kendall)

The Greatest Misconception (Dr. Richard Wetzel, M.D.)

The How and Why of Natural Family Planning

(Mary Shivanandan)

The Immorality of Sterilization (Fr. William Saunders)

The Joy of Sexual Values (John Leo)

The Problem with the Pill (Mary Beth Bonacci)

The Truth About Margaret Sanger

Vademecum for Confessors Concerning Some Aspects of the Morality of Conjugal Life

(Pontifical Council for the Family. February 12, 1997)

Von Hildebrand on Love, Happiness, and Sex

(William A. Marra)

Wealth Creation or Procreation? (Rabbi Aron Moss)

What About the Condom? (Dr. Stephen Genuis)

What is the Theology of the Body & Why is it Changing so Many Lives?(Christopher West)

What's Wrong With Television? (Rabbi Aron Moss)

Why Does the Bride Wear a Veil? (Rabbi Aron Moss)

Why I Nurse at the Mall... and at Mass (Kate Wicker)

Why Not Gay Marriage? An Exchange (Catholic World Report)



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