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On the Blessed Virgin Mary


St. Joseph of  Cupertino

Refuge of sinners, Mother of God, have pity on me. She is the Dispensatrix of the graces of Paradise; all the riches of the  human race come from Her hands, for God created Her for this. God willed to be born of the Woman, the Virgin without sin; nor did  He violate the virginal cloisters. Just as a spring is unchanged when a  person, without bathing himself, sees his own image in the water, so  the virginal cloister of Mary remained intact when the Lord entered.  So too, when one stands before a mirror, he sees within it his own  image, but turning away, his image is no longer in the mirror, and the  mirror remains integral. Thus the sacred cloister of Mary ever Virgin  remained inviolate. God our Lord was so full of the milk of His divine love that He could  not remain in that condition. It seems He felt a certain pain, and  hence created the Blessed Virgin in whom He infused all graces. He  made Her so as to be able to bestow the milk of divine grace on men  as He wishes. God could do this, and He did do this, namely, that the Blessed Virgin  be conceived without sin. If a lord wished to make a lovely garden, in  his mind he would plan various things to place in that garden, which he  would then order made; but one particular he would reserve in his  heart without telling others. When the garden was finished, he would  order this to be revealed -- for example, a fountain. Thus God our  Lord planned the garden (that is, the world) and accomplished in  common view all that He had planned, reserving to Himself, however,  one holy idea. This He wished to reveal and decree in its own proper  time: to make present in the world a Virgin without stain of sin, who  would give birth to His Son, I say, the Son of God. If a prelate -- let us say, the Pope -- should issue an excommunication,  or launch an interdict against a city or its citizens for some crime  committed in it, he has the power to exempt whomsoever he wishes --  for example, Peter and John. He can do so without even mentioning  this exemption, but merely reserving it in the recesses of his mind. So  too, the High God, who is Superior of the entire world, could  fulminate the curse of original sin on all the descendants of Adam, and  could exempt by His omnipotence whomsoever He wished.  Accordingly, He exempted from this law of the curse Her whom He  had destined to be Mother of God. Hail, holy Queen, rose without thorn, lily of love, Mother of the Lord,  gain me this grace: that I may not die a sinner.



Copyright 2004 Victor Claveau. All Rights Reserved