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Catholic Perspectives

"For religious believers not to advance their convictions about public morality in public debate is not an example of tolerance - it's a lack of courage." Archbishop Charles Chaput, Denver, Colorado, USA

10 Myths about Priestly Pedophilia (CRISIS E-LETTER)

"A Leaner, Smaller, Purer Church"? (R. Scott Appleby)

A Quiet Death in Rome: Was John Paul I Murdered? (Sandra Miesel)

"All We Ask is for the Mass”

(Roger A. McCaffrey and Thomas E. Woods, Jr.)

Anti-Catholicism on the Internet (Robert P. Lockwood)

A Pro-life Introduction to Pope Benedict XVI

(Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro - Human Life International)

A Resigned Priest on his Deathbed (Frederick Heuser)

Abortion: Menace to Women & Children, Crime Against Humanity, Economic Disaster, Historic Horror (Ron Gray)

Africa, AIDS, Homosexuality, Pedophilia (Matt Abbott)

Apologetics and the Holy Eucharist (Ron Gray)

Are We Catholic Americans or American Catholics? (Fr. Matthew Habiger)

Avoiding Purgatory (Susan Tassone)

Blessed Margaret: A Pearl of Beauty and Worth

( Mary Jane Owen, TOP)

Cardinal Ratzinger's Thoughts on Evolution

Case Against Same-Sex Marriage (Tim Leslie)

Catholicism "Updated" (Rich Leonardi)

Catholicism & Capital Punishment (Avery Cardinal Dulles)

Celibacy for the Kingdom & the Fulfillment of Human Sexuality

(Christopher West)

Celebrating Liturgy in the 21st Century – Some of the Challenges after Thirty Years of the Vernacular. (Prof. Peter Williams)

Christ is reassuring and humble, as well as powerful, mighty

(Bishop Robert Vasa)

Christianity’s Struggle for Survival (Dr. David R. Carlin)

Church and State – The New Anti-Catholicism (Ryan McMaken)

Church must defend its basic beliefs against all

(Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted)

Confession of an Ex-Abortionist (Dr. Bernard Nathanson)

Contraception and Abortion (Prof. Julian Porteous)

Contraception: Why Not? (Janet Smith)

Crisis in Vocations? What Crisis? (Archbishop Elden Curtis)

Catholic teaching on religious liberty has remained consistent over the centuries. (Fr. Regis Scanlon, O.F.M. Cap.)

Dismantling The Da Vinci Code (Sandra Miesel)

Divinity in the Dock (Dr. Frederick W. Marks)

Face of the Church (F. Fraser Field)

Do Catholics and Muslims Worship the Same God? (Robert Spencer)

Excommunication as a Restorative Measure (Father Brian Mullady, OP)

Faith Can Never Conflict with Reason  (Pope John Paul II)

"Father, I have to become a Catholic." (Fr. Jay Scott Newman)

Focuses On The Spiritual Sabotage That Has Devastated Seminaries

(Fr. Eduard Perrone)

Four Myths About Benedict XVI (Brian Saint-Paul)

From Communist Militant to Underground Priest

Gender and the Will of God (Peter Kreeft)

Has the Pope Condemned Harry Potter (Dr. Jeff Mirus)

Honoring Christopher Columbus (Dr. Warren H. Carroll)

How Stupid is Hollywood Really? (John Jalsevac)

How to Address Priests and Religious

(Marian Therese Horvat, Ph.D)

How to Talk to Democrats About Embryonic Stem Cell Research
(Eric Pavlat)

Immigration and Terrorism (Robert McChesney, S.J.)

Immigration reform – a Catholic perspective (Mary Doyle)

Impressionable Minds: Teaching Politically Correct History

(Tom O'Brian)

Interview with Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of Phoenix, Arizona

(Valerie Schmalz)

Is Liberalism a Sin? (Victor Claveau)

John Paul II's Theology of the Body: Key to an Authentic Marital & Family Spirituality (Christopher West)

Judas (Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen)

Knees to Love Christ (Bishop Thomas Olmsted)

Let’s Talk About the REAL War on Women

(Sr. Anne Marie Walsh, SOLT)

Life & Love Revisited (Rev. David J. Erickson)

Margaret Sanger's nation of 'morons'

Marketing the Occult

Mary and the Muslims (Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen)

Mary Shows us God's Respect for Women (Pope John Paul II)

Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion (Dr. David Terasaka)

Men of Good Will: Unite! (Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen)

Motherhood: Woman's Gift to Society (Pope John Paul II)

New Age makes Hugh Inroads into Retreat Centers operated by Catholic Nuns (Michael H. Brown)

News from the U. S. Bishops, Whoever They Are (Jeff Mirus)

No Rapture For Rome: The Anti-Catholics Behind the Best-selling Left Behind Books (Carl E. Olson)

On the Collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and in the World (Donna Procher)

Orthodoxy (G. K. Chesterton)

Our knowledge of God and Nature: Physics, Philosophy and Theology

(Pope John Paul II)

Our Not-So-Glorious Selves: on the Crises of the

American Catholic Church (Fr. Joseph F. Wilson)

Papa Bene: Naming the Pope (Jeff Mirus)

“Personally Opposed, But…” Five Pro-Abortion Dodges

(Todd M. Aglialoro)

Pope Benedict XVI, Yes! National Catholic Reporter, No!

(Michael J. Gaynor)

Presentation to the Oxford University Newman Society

Most Rev. Patrick O’Donoghue, retired Bishop of Lancaster, England 

Prison Evangelist Answers the Bishops (Russell Ford)

Problem of Christian Prophecy (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger)

Problem of Evil (Benjamin D. Wiker)

Proofs for God's Existence (Pope John Paul II)

Real History of the Holy Grail (Sandra Miesel)

Response to accusations against Pius XII, myth vs Historical Fact

(Fr Pierre Blet, S.J.)

Responsible Parenthood (Prof. Jose Vidamor B. Yu) 

Same Sex Marriage, April 21, 2005, (Bishop F. B. Henry)

Securing our Moral Heritage: Towards a Moral Society

(A Pastoral Exhortation on Proposed Bills on Sex Education and Reproductive Health)

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines

Seniors in the Church (Msgr. Paul Hayes)

Sin Is In The Blood (Archbishop Fulton Sheen)

So, You Want to Elect A President (Louisa Millington)

St. Malachy Predicts the Election of Benedict XVI (Deal Hudson)

State of the US Catholic Church at the Beginning of 2006

(Father C. John McCloskey, III, STD)

The Art of Congratulating the Pope (Dr. Jeff Mirus)

The Christ-Centered Pope

The Catholic Church and the world wrestle with an evangelical papacy. By  George Weigel - September 20, 2013


The Eight Habits of Highly Effective Bishops (Mary Jo Anderson)

The Fire Next Time – A Meditation on the Need to Respect the Judgment We Will Face. (Msgr. Charles Pope)

The Forum: "Fraternal correction" in the US bishops' scandal (Phil Lawler) March 31, 2006

The Irish Soldiers of Mexico (Michael Hogan)

The King’s Good Servant - Some Thoughts at a Crossroad (Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.)

The Multicultural Ploy (James Fitzpatrick)

The “New” Evangelization, Catholic Moral Life in Light of Veritatis Splendor, and the Family. (William E. May)

The New Language: A Crash Course in the Theology of the Body (Christopher West)

The Next Pope: Why He Matters (George Weigel)

The Party Matters (Fr. Frank Pavone)

 The Roots of Muslim Rage (Bernard Lewis) 

 The Slaughter of the Innocents through Abortifacient Contraception (Bud McFarlane, Sr.)

"The Virgin of Guadalupe, America’s Patron, and her influence in the conversion of people" (Professor Silvio Cajiao)

U.S. Bishops Getting Serious About Sexual Abuse

(John-Henry Westen)

Was Pope John Paul II an Effective Governor? (Peter Mirus)

We Place Our Trust in You, Most Beloved Priests of Jesus Christ (Bud Macfarlane, Sr.)

What is the Theology of the Body and Why is it Changing So Many Lives? (Christopher West)

What the Popes Really Say About Socialism

What value have martyrs in a secular society? (Prof. Julian Porteous)

What's so Great About Catholicism (H. W. Crocker III)

Where are the Shepherds? (Fr. Joseph F. Wilson)

Why a priest should wear his Roman Collar (Msgr. Charles M. Mangan & Father Gerald E. Murray)

Who Is Catholic? (Burton Bollag) April 9, 2004

New conservative colleges say existing institutions lead students away from the true faith

Will Benedict XVI Save Europe? (Robert Spenser)

Women and the Sacrament of Holy Orders (Prof. Gehard Ludwig Müller)

Young Wizard Potter (Edward O’Brien)

Zero tolerance: When did this happen? (Tidings)

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