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Africa, AIDS, Homosexuality, Pedophilia

Matt Abbott
Catholic Online

Human Life International ( is, in my opinion, the premier global pro-life organization. In a June 2005 newsletter (not yet available online), HLI president Father Thomas Euteneuer writes about Uganda, a country that is “slowly but surely beating AIDS.”

Euteneuer writes: "When President Yoweri Yuseveni of Uganda spoke at the 15th International AIDS Congress in Bangkok last July, he witnessed to the world's only real success story in fighting the terrible scourge of HIV/AIDS. For the past 20 years he has presided over the only country in the world that has cut its AIDS prevalence rate by three quarters (from about 28% of the population in 1991 to less than 7% today), and the way the Ugandans have done it is by the simple application of the message of the Gospel and of common sense: chastity outside marriage and fidelity within marriage.

"This is the only known effective way to control an epidemic that is spread by human behaviors. His straightforward message received a backlash of epic proportions from the condom lobby and the international organizations peddling ‘death by latex,’ but the little East African country of Uganda is by definition David the giant killer and is showing the world that they are bigger than this gigantic killer plague…."

Euteneuer also writes: "Are we to emulate the example of one of the worst public health disasters in history? Would it surprise you to know that South Africa has pumped a total of 80 billion condoms into its society in the past twenty years … Twenty years ago … they had only a 0.3% [AIDS] prevalence rate in the general population. They did not listen to wisdom. [Eighty] billion condoms later, South Africa has a 30% AIDS prevalence rate…."

Clergy abuse scandal – homosexuality or pedophilia?

Dr. Brian W. Clowes is the director of research and training for HLI. Clowes, along with David L. Sonnier, wrote an article for Homiletic & Pastoral Review titled “Child Molestation by homosexuals and heterosexuals.” The following are excerpts:

"The Church has always had a small number of priests and other religious who have taken advantage of their positions of authority and influence in order to gain sexual favors or to take advantage of the helpless. The problem of clerical child sexual molestation, particularly in the United States, has been widely exposed and publicized over the last several years. The numerous recent revelations have exposed the problem as much deeper and more widespread than most would have previously believed.

"During the current crisis, homosexual activists within and outside the Catholic Church have done everything they could to divert attention away from even the possibility that there may be a higher percentage of homosexuals among the priesthood than in the general public, and that this may be the root of the problem of child sexual molestation within the Church. It is particularly the link between homosexuality and child molestation that they seek to deny….

"…In fact, a number of studies performed over a period spanning more than half a century -- many of which were performed by homosexuals or their sympathizers -- have shown that an extremely large percentage of sexually active homosexuals also participate in child sexual molestation. This is not ‘homophobia’ or ‘hatred,’ this is simple scientific fact….

"When people speak of the current crisis being a problem involving ‘pedophile priests,’ they are addressing only a small portion of the situation. According to the John Jay study, most of the sexually offending priests are not true pedophiles. They are, instead, ‘ephebophiles,’ who ‘exhibit these same fantasies, urges or behaviors towards post-pubescent youths.’ Generally, the John Jay study recognized that pedophilia can be defined as the molestation of children aged ten and younger. The National Review Board study defines ‘ephebophilia’ as ‘homosexual attraction to adolescent males,’ a definition that certainly is validated by quotes by ‘gay rights’ activists elsewhere in this article….

"A man who is living an active homosexual lifestyle should never be ordained a priest. A man with homosexual tendencies who lives a scrupulously chaste life could be ordained a priest, and he could be a very good one, but only if he clearly recognizes the dangers and heartbreak his desires could cause in the future if he yields to them."

The full article can be read here:

It should be noted that there is disagreement among orthodox Catholics over the notion of ordaining men who suffer from same-sex attraction. For instance, Karl Keating, founder and president of Catholic Answers, writes:

"…Exclude from seminary formation and ordination any homosexual, whether ‘gay’ or chaste. The former brings with him too much baggage, and the latter should not sign up for ‘guy-only’ work that will have him living with other men (thus putting him into near occasions of sin). Even if the chaste homosexual thinks he has a call to the priesthood, it would be uncharitable to him to admit him to ordination, given the current situation. He should be encouraged to serve the Church in other ways…."



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