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Afghanistan - Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Albania - Republic of Albania

Algeria - People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Antigua and Barbuda (Commonwealth Realm)

Argentina - Argentine Republic (federal state, also named Argentine Nation for purposes of legislation)

Armenia - Republic of Armenia

Australia - Commonwealth of Australia (federal state, Commonwealth Realm)

Austria - Republic of Austria (federal state)

Azerbaijan - Republic of Azerbaijan


Bahamas, The - Commonwealth of The Bahamas (Commonwealth Realm)

Bahrain - Kingdom of Bahrain

Bangladesh - People's Republic of Bangladesh

Barbados (Commonwealth Realm)

Belgium - Kingdom of Belgium (federal state)

Belize (Commonwealth Realm)

Benin - Republic of Benin

Bermuda (overseas territory of the United Kingdom)

Bolivia - Republic of Bolivia

Bosnia and Herzegovina (federal state)

Botswana - Republic of Botswana

Brazil - Federative Republic of Brazil (federal state)

Brunei - Negara Brunei Darussalam

Bulgaria - Republic of Bulgaria


Cameroon - Republic of Cameroon

Canada (federal state, Commonwealth Realm, officially also (but infrequently) referred to as Dominion of Canada)

Chile - Republic of Chile

China, People's Republic of - People's Republic of China (sometimes also rendered as Mainland China in its relations with the Republic of China on Taiwan)

China, Republic of - Republic of China (popularly referred to as Taiwan, diplomatically sometimes known as Chinese Taipei (or other names), regarded by UN as "Taiwan, Province of China", the political status of the ROC (Taiwan and other islands across the Taiwan Strait and in the South China Sea) and the legal status of Taiwan (including the Pescadores) are in dispute)

Colombia - Republic of Colombia

Côte d'Ivoire - Republic of Côte d'Ivoire (formerly and popularly known as Ivory Coast)

Croatia - Republic of Croatia

Cuba - Republic of Cuba

Czech Republic (sometimes also rendered as Czechia)


Denmark - Kingdom of Denmark

Dominica - Commonwealth of Dominica


Ecuador - Republic of Ecuador

Egypt - Arab Republic of Egypt

El Salvador - Republic of El Salvador

Eritrea - State of Eritrea

Estonia - Republic of Estonia

Ethiopia - Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (federal state)


Faroe Islands (self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark)

Fiji - Republic of the Fiji Islands

Finland - Republic of Finland

France - French Republic


Gabon - Gabonese Republic

Georgia (see also Abkhazia and South Ossetia)

Germany - Federal Republic of Germany (federal state)

Ghana - Republic of Ghana

Gibraltar (overseas territory of the United Kingdom)

Greece - Hellenic Republic

Grenada (Commonwealth Realm)

Guam - Territory of Guam (unincorporated organized territory of the United States)

Guatemala - Republic of Guatemala



Haiti - Republic of Haiti

       Holy Land

Hong Kong - Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, diplomatically known as Hong Kong, China)

Hungary - Republic of Hungary


Iceland - Republic of Iceland

India - Republic of India (federal state)

Indonesia - Republic of Indonesia

Iran - Islamic Republic of Iran

Iraq - Republic of Iraq

Ireland (also commonly referred to as the Republic of Ireland as the official "description" of the state in order to distinguish it from the island of Ireland as a whole)

Israel - State of Israel

Italy - Italian Republic

See Côte d'Ivoire for Ivory Coast


Jamaica (Commonwealth Realm)


Jordan - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


Kazakhstan - Republic of Kazakhstan

Kenya - Republic of Kenya

Korea (South) - Republic of Korea (popularly known as South Korea)

Kuwait - State of Kuwait

Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyz Republic (sometimes also rendered as Kirghizia)


Latvia - Republic of Latvia

Lebanon - Republic of Lebanon

Libya - Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Lithuania - Republic of Lithuania

Luxembourg - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


Macau - Macau Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, diplomatically known as Macau, China)

Malawi - Republic of Malawi

Malaysia (federal state)

Mali - Republic of Mali

Malta - Republic of Malta

Mauritius - Republic of Mauritius

Mexico - United Mexican States (federal state)

Monaco - Principality of Monaco

Morocco - Kingdom of Morocco

Myanmar - Union of Myanmar (formerly and popularly known as Burma)


Namibia - Republic of Namibia

Nepal - Kingdom of Nepal

Netherlands, the - Kingdom of the Netherlands (legally the Netherlands refers to the mainland European part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with the latter consisting of the Netherlands and two overseas countries, namely Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles)

New Zealand (Commonwealth Realm)

Niger - Republic of Niger

Nigeria - Federal Republic of Nigeria (federal state)

Northern Mariana Islands - Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (unincorporated organized territory (commonwealth) in political union with the United States)

Norway - Kingdom of Norway


Oman - Sultanate of Oman


Pakistan - Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Panama - Republic of Panama

Papua New Guinea - Independent State of Papua New Guinea (Commonwealth Realm)

Paraguay - Republic of Paraguay

Peru - Republic of Peru

Philippines, the - Republic of the Philippines

Poland - Republic of Poland

Portugal - Portuguese Republic

Puerto Rico - Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (unincorporated organized territory (commonwealth) associated with the United States)


Qatar - State of Qatar



Russia - Russian Federation (federal state)


Saint Kitts and Nevis - Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis (federal state, Commonwealth Realm)

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Commonwealth Realm)

Saudi Arabia - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Scotland (Alba in Gaelic) is a nation in northwest Europe and a constituent country of the United Kingdom.

Serbia and Montenegro - State Union of Serbia and Montenegro (federal state, its province of Kosovo is under UN interim civilian administration)

Sierra Leone - Republic of Sierra Leone

Singapore - Republic of Singapore

Slovakia - Slovak Republic

Slovenia - Republic of Slovenia

Samoa - Independent State of Samoa

South Africa - Republic of South Africa

Spain - Kingdom of Spain

Sri Lanka - Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Sudan - Republic of the Sudan

Swaziland - Kingdom of Swaziland

Sweden - Kingdom of Sweden

Switzerland - Swiss Confederation (federal state)

Syria - Syrian Arab Republic


See the Republic of China for the country that is commonly referred to as Taiwan (see also One-China policy and the dispute over UN representation between the two "Chinas")

Tanzania - United Republic of Tanzania (federal state)

Thailand - Kingdom of Thailand

Togo - Togolese Republic

Trinidad and Tobago - Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Tunisia - Tunisian Republic

Turkey - Republic of Turkey


Uganda - Republic of Uganda


United Arab Emirates (federal state)

United Kingdom - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Commonwealth Realm)

United States - United States of America (federal state)

Uruguay - Oriental Republic of Uruguay


Vatican City - State of the Vatican City (administered by a Pontifical Commission appointed by the Pope who is concurrently the head of the Holy See and that of the Vatican City)

Venezuela - Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (federal state)

Vietnam - Socialist Republic of Vietnam



Yemen - Republic of Yemen


Zambia - Republic of Zambia



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