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Sodom and Chicago: Homosexual Protesters Blast Moody Church as "House of Hate," then Picket Cardinal George's Residence


2/16/2005 8:21:00 PM - David E. Smith and Peter LaBarbera


CHICAGO--This past Saturday, approximately 30 “homosexual marriage” activists gathered in front of Moody Church, proclaiming the famous church a "house of hate" before marching to the residence of Cardinal Francis George to protest the Catholic Church as well.


According to the protesters, Moody Church and Cardinal George are “religious bigots” because they oppose "gay marriage" and teach the Holy Scripture’s definition of sin as applied to homosexual behavior.


The picket took place on what homosexual activist called “Freedom to Marry Day.” (The "gay" lobby is appropriating Valentine's Day to promote homosexual "marriage," holding similar events across the country.) It was sponsored by the radical Gay Liberation Network, formally known as the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network. To give you an idea of how extreme this group is, in the past it has compared the Boy Scouts of America to racist fringe groups.


Chicago's own Moody Church was targeted for protest because Pastor Erwin Lutzer wrote and published a book titled "The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage," which lays out the dangers of homosexual “marriage” and urges Christians to get involved in stopping it.


In his book, Pastor Lutzer correctly identifies the danger of homosexual unions as "the most damaging social experiment to ever be attempted in this country… If God's people do not act now, it might be too late." (The book is available for $10 postpaid through IFI: send your check made out to Illinois Family Institute (and designated to the Lutzer book) to: IFI, 799 Roosevelt Rd., Suite 3-208, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137, or call IFI at 630-790-8370 to order by credit card.)


Moody Church would seem to be an odd target of homosexual activists, as it does not get heavily involved in public policy questions but focuses instead on evangelization. Lutzer's book makes clear that Christians should oppose all sexual sins, and not single out homosexuality, while compassionately offering the hope of the Gospel to anyone caught up in sexual sin.


'Homophobia' Decried, Scripture Twisted

On the steps of Moody Church, protestors (including Alderman Dick Mell's lesbian daughter Deborah Mell) chanted “Hey hey - ho ho, homophobia’s got to go” and anti-church slogans such as “Moody is a House of Hate.” The marchers carried signs that read “Keep your religion off our rights” and other similar messages, all charging Moody with preaching bigotry. One sign in particular read “Moody Bible: Purveyor of HATE.”


From here protestors marched a block east to the home of Cardinal Francis George, where protestors again chanted anti-Catholic slogans and signs that read “Cardinal George is a homophobe” were carried.


The Gay Liberation Network activists passed out a flier titled, "American Christians for Equal Rights," containing a novel interpretation of the Bible that appears to label any opposition to "gay marriage" as "blasphemy" against the Holy Spirit. The flier reads in part:



"American Christians for Equal Rights believes that God gave all humanity a free will. With that free will is the freedom to fall in love and marry, regardless of your sexual orientation. We believe it is against the Grace of the Holy Spirit to promote and encourage discrimination, hatred, or hardship on others, no matter what their race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.


St. Matthew 21:31

"Therefore I say to you, that every kind of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven to men; but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven."


"...As a country, and as children of the Holy Spirit, we cannot afford to allow this discrimination to continue. It is wrong, it is un-American, and it goes against the teachings of Christ.


"So why is the Moody Bible Institute denying this legal right to [homosexual] adults who fall in love? How do some Christians justify their discrimination and hate against homosexuals?"


Traditionally, in Christian theology, blaspheming the Holy Spirit has been interpreted as stubbornly rejecting the Holy Spirit's work (including repentance by the individual and his belief in Jesus Christ). Evangelical author John Piper writes, "The unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is an act of resistance which belittles the Holy Spirit so grievously that he withdraws for ever with his convicting power so that we are never able to repent and be forgiven." (Click on this link to read the whole Piper article: "Beyond Forgiveness: Blaspheming the Holy Spirit".)


How interesting that like the Pharisees who opposed Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago, these "religious" homosexuals are taking a faithful work of God--defending the institution of marriage as He created it--and calling it a hateful work of Satan!


It is also telling that homosexual militants realize that they must cloak themselves in the language of religion to achieve their objectives.


Who's imposing (im)morality, now?

Oblivious to the fact that they themselves want government intervention to force public acceptance of their behavior, including on religious institutions, the Gay Liberation Network protesters marched to the Cardinal’s home to the cadence of “2, 4, 6, 8 - Separation of Church and State.”


Funny how that works, isn’t it? Homosexual activists demand that the church’s moral leadership and its influence be legally restrained, as if personal faith and religion had no legitimate role in our democracy, while at the same time demanding that the government force religious people (and ultimately) churches to deny their own teachings and faith.


The reality is, these homosexual protestors cannot tolerate the mere thought of any moral authority, let alone one that holds to the belief of sexual depravity. They want to impose on the American public government-mandated acceptance of their unnatural brand of sexuality, regardless of religious background or belief (or lack thereof).


The push for “gay marriage” is really about getting government to enforce public acceptance of sexual (mis)behavior. The noisy protests in front of Moody Church and Cardinal George’s home only prove this point. They want to dictate the terms of faith and belief for the church, but first they must demonize all Christian churches and religious bodies that stand up for Biblical sexual morality as "haters."


They will be helped by the new "sexual orientation" law in Illinois, SB 3186, which was recently signed by Gov. Blagojevich (saying he was following Jesus: see IFI's story). SB 3186 classifies “sexual orientation”--homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality--as a “human right," effectively bestowing special legal status to individuals based on their sexual misconduct while at the very same time eroding individual and corporate religious liberties to oppose that conduct. (IFI and other pro-family groups will be pressing for a full repeal of SB 3186.)


This must be a wake up call to Christians throughout the state. If the passage of SB 3186 did not alarm you, then maybe the fact that Moody Church, possibly Illinois’ best known church, has been targeted and slandered as spreading "hate" will. (If you’ve heard any of Moody’s radio broadcasts, which faithfully preach the love of God, you know that nothing could be farther from the truth.)


The Saturday protest is more evidence that homosexual activists will not rest until the church, even unassuming churches like Moody, are silent on the issue of homosexuality. (Will America become like Sweden, where Pastor Ake Green was just exonerated after first receiving a one-month jail sentence for preaching a sermon critical of homosexuality? To read Green's offending sermon, click HERE.)


Are you ready for this struggle over truth and our right to proclaim it? Homosexual activists are, and they are quite ready to sacrifice your religious liberties on the altar of sexual perversion.




Copyright © 2004 Victor Claveau. All Rights Reserved