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Sen. Kerry: Don't Tell Me What God Wants!


4/26/2005 9:36:00 PM by - Rod McCullough


Picture in your mind an angry caricature of a man who was shaking his fist in the face of the Almighty. It is quite likely that the man would be a Democrat. And most likely his name would be John F. Kerry.


It was a tough week for the "has been" presidential nominee.


Hillary is beating him in anything resembling a poll for 2008. Tom DeLay is ready and waiting to go before the House Ethics Committee, but the Democrats can't seem to get their act together to accept the challenge. The leader of the body he serves in, Bill Frist, is looking more and more like a candidate America can embrace and trust. (And will no doubt reinforce this image when he meets with millions of voters via satellite this weekend.) It's expected the only branch of government he likes will soon have new judges being confirmed to its ranks, thus changing the dynamic of the federal courts. And to top it off, his least favorite Catholic - something Kerry tries to pretend he is as well - just got elected pope.


So against this angry backdrop, the nominee "has been" is invited to give a speech at Congressman Martin Meehan's annual legislative dinner.


Partisan dinner, partisan crowd ... guess its time to let the fur fly.


At the dinner, according to published reports, Kerry began by attacking the GOP for having an "orthodoxy of view."


From there he proceeded to ...


"I am sick and tired of a bunch of people trying to tell me that God wants a bunch of conservative judges on the court ..."


And then ...


"I am sick and tired of them saying they somehow have a better understanding of Christianity, of the Judeo Christian ethic, of values ... Show me where in the New Testament Jesus ever talked about the value of having taxes and taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich in this country."


And he added that the Catholic Church he grew up with "was a church of universality and understanding and true freedom of conscience." And that certainly there was never this kind of "imposition of values" into politics.


For John Kerry I am convinced the only way he can sleep at night is with heavy medication. How else can he read his own words and believe in any serious fashion that he is the one on the side of truth. He seems "truth challenged."


The fact is the grassroots of America - not necessarily the GOP - is the one with an "orthodoxy of view."


The majority of Americans believe abortion is murder and that most forms of it should be outlawed. And when the issue is "partial-birth abortion" the number of Americans is in the 90 percentile.


The majority of Americans, and in even larger numbers some six months after the election, believe that marriage is a sacred, holy, covenant, and that since the Creator is the one who designed it - it should not be redefined to indulge any multitudes of sexual arrangements.


The overwhelming majority of charity that is exhibited in America is contributed by faith-based people. So, necessarily the majority of Americans do not believe that giving more and more of their own hard-earned money to the government is the answer to solving poverty.


But my feeling is that John Kerry is a man who though he postures anger at evangelicals, orthodox and traditional Jews, and even Catholics, it is actually directed somewhere else.


The election of Cardinal Ratzinger to become Pope Benedict XVI in some measure had to be a crushing blow to Kerry.


In 2004, Ratzinger authored a letter to American bishops in regard to political figures. The directive knocked the legs out of Kerry's political philosophy that he could give lip-service to "respecting life" and then violate church teaching by being an advocate for and taking campaign monies from pro-abortion organizations.


Church teaching had exposed Kerry for the faith-based fraud that he and his Democratic colleagues are.


When the Boston Herald ran the story on Thursday using Kerry's quotes, it was obvious that Kerry was expressing anger at people who exercise, believe in and propagate morality.


I thought the Boston Herald headline said it all: "KERRY: Don't Tell Me What God Wants!"


See the man shake his fist ... such a very sad, sad, sad sight to behold.


Kevin McCullough


Kevin McCullough is heard daily in New York City, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware on AM 570 WMCA and AM 970 WWDJ from 1-4pm. Adding stations in Chicago, Boston, and 16 more markets soon. Write KMC at Read KMC daily on his web-log at For information on how to bring "The Kevin McCullough Show" to a station near you drop an e-mail to




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