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10/16/2004 8:37:00 PM by Monica Migliorino Miller, Ph.D - WWW.CHURCHANDTRUTH.ORG


Well, it was only a matter of time before Senator Kerry (self-styled "Catholic") told the whole world that he is a Catholic---and did so in his defense of the legalized slaughter of unborn children! Here are the exact words of Kerry and his "Catholic" faith from the second presidental debate, Oct. 8, 2004:


Questioner: Sen. Kerry, suppose you were speaking with a voter who believed abortion is murder and the voter asked for reassurance that his or her tax dollars would not go to support abortion, what would you say to that person?


KERRY: ..."I'm a Catholic, raised a Catholic. I was an altar boy. Religion has been a huge part of my life. It helped me through a war, leads me today. But I can't take what is an article of faith for me and legislate it for someome who doesn't share that article of faith, whether they be agnostic, atheist, Jew, Protestant, whatever. I can't do that. ...As a president, I have to represent all the people in the nation. And I have to make that judgment. Now I think you can take that position and not be pro-abortion, but you have to afford people their constitutional rights. And that means being smart about allowing people to be fully educated, to know what their options are in life, and making certain you don't deny a poor person the right to be able to have whatever the Constitution affords them if they can't afford it otherwise. That's why I think it's important for the United States, for instance, not to have this rigid ideological restriction on helping families around the world be able to make a smart decision about family planning."


There it is! Kerry supports legalized killing of the unborn, the funding of this murderous procedure with your tax dollars and the spread of contraception and abortion around the world. ALL CONTRARY TO HIS PROFESSED CATHOLIC RELIGION!


THE BISHOPS HAVE A DUTY TO CORRECT THE DISTORTION OF THE FAITH THAT KERRY SPREAD TO MILLIONS OF AMERICANS AND EVEN NON- AMERICANS! Kerry uttered the GREAT LIE! It is a lie, a perversion of the Church's position, a complete distortion of the Church's teaching that the right to life is simply a private, narrow, confessional, sectarian "article of faith." Kerry took the Church's teaching on respect for the right to life and made it an odd quirk of Catholicism! This is not just private faith--this is natural law, a matter of human rights, based on the meaning of being human that cuts across all religions, cultures and times.


THE BISHOPS NEED TO STATE THE FACTS. A CORRECTION IS NEEDED NOW!! Do not delay--please call Senator Kerry's own bishop, Archbishop Sen O'Malley, the archbishop of the diocese of Boston. Ask him to correct the GREAT LIE!!! This lie must be put to death. Please act now! Call and ask for the bishop. Here's the contact info. that you'll need: Archbishop Sean O'Malley Archdiocese of Boston, Chancery Office PH: 617 254-0100 Fax: 617 783-4564 Address: 2121 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA 02135-3193 Also send a note to: The Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Boston: Mr. David W. Smith




Copyright 2004 Victor Claveau. All Rights Reserved