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$2 million tax on Legion of Christ removed

21st Century Protestantization of English Catholic Church Moves Ahead: British bishops ban discrimination against gays, co-habitors

ABC's Donaldson Said He Will 'Never' Report Truth on Abortion

A Hundred Years of Terror

A Religious-Freedom Blacklist Grows: U.S. State Department Targets Saudi Arabia

Accusations Against the Church (Victor R. Claveau)

Air Force cracks down on Christian 'coercion': Academy tells cadets not to use Bible quotes, sharing faith may be intolerant

Alexy to Putin: No Need for Papal Visit

ALL to Protest Pro-abortion Speaker at Georgetown: Washington's Cardinal McCarrick Can Act to Stop Continued Scandal (but he won't...)

American Life League blasts the utterly confused , so-called 'Catholics' Congressmen who signed a "warning" letter to Bishop McCarrick claiming that denying Communion to heretics will harm the church.

American 'Tolerance' Update: Nativity Scenes Vandalized Nationwide

America's Educational Crisis--A Christian Response

Among faithful, mum isn't the word: Meeting in Fort Worth, leaders of Catholic orders say Vatican can't bully them

An open letter to Europe: "Are you nuts?"

And the King Taketh Away: Catholic schools pondering legal action against IHSA

Angering B'nai B'rith: "The legal methods that allow the killing of unborn children, and Jews, Gypsies or Catholics living in German-occupied territory were identical"

Another Test of Faith for China's Hidden Bishop

Anti-Catholic Bias Detected in Super Bowl Ad Protest

Anti-Catholicism and religious bigotry alive and well in Mexico, where THE PASSION has been rated X: Government bans all viewers under the age of 18 from seeing blockbuster film of the last 12 hours of Christ

Anti-Catholicism In The 21st Century

Anti-Catholicism on the Internet (Robert P. Lockwood)

Anti-Catholicism Speech, Actions Contradict U.S. Society Of Tolerance

Anti-Semitism, Anti-Catholicism and Truth (Donald DeMarco)

Apostate Bigots at "Catholics for a Free Choice" file IRS Complaint against the Culture of Life Foundation

Appeal Made for 8 Christians Arrested in Saudi Arabia: Prisoners Reportedly Subjected to Abuse

Archbishop disputes reporting: Chaput says N.Y. Times story is 'misleading'

Away From the Manger: The Christian-Muslim divide in the Holy Land Widens

Baby Killers at "Catholics for a Free Choice" File IRS Complaint Against Catholic Answers 'Partisan Voting Guide'

Blind, Deaf, and Dumb: If Terri Schiavo had been dehydrated to death at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, would Dick Durbin be reading her autopsy report from the Senate floor?

Canon lawyer Marc A. Balestrieri announces on EWTN that the Vatican has joined his heresy case against John Kerry

Cardinal Newman Society: 13 Catholic Colleges Defy Bishops, Honor Dissidents

"Catholic" Case  for Gay Marriage Proposed by Massachusetts Lawmakers is a Fraud

Catholic leader fields politics, sex and abortion questions after speech

Catholics are Stupid

Catholics vs. Evangelicals (Mary Jo Anderson)

Chicago Catholic Hospital Foundation Honors Pro-Abortion, Gay Rights Advocate State Sen. Emil Jones at Annual Fund Raiser

Chicago priest no fan of pope

Chick Tracts (Catholic Answers)

China: A Cardinal’s Flattery Doesn’t Set Any Bishops Free

China Reportedly Arrests Catholic Priests Loyal to Pope

Christian Candidate Criticized for 'Coming Out of the Closet'


"Christianophobia" on rise says Vatican

Cracking The Da Vinci Code

CWA of Illinois Shocked By Lawmaker’s Plan To Mandate Testing of School Children’s Mental Health Lawmakers Should Be First In Line For Evaluation

Deception in Catholic Cyberspace: Man posing online at as Catholic deacon discovered to be imposter

Defending Life at the UN is no Easy Task

Democrats back church IRS probe Decry 'politically involved religious leaders,' while pastor stands firm on his July 4 sermon

Democrats to bishops: Shut up already!

Dissenter Celebrities Martin Sheen and Joan Chittister Prepare National Campaign to Market "Seamless Garment" Voting for Their Pro-Abortion, Gay Rights Supporting Catholic Politician Pals

DVD Sales of “The Passion” Enrages Critics  

Embryos Welcome: Ruini Wins the Referendum, and Sets an Example: The Italian Church scores its first victory in Benedict XVI's battle in the defense of life and man

Ex-Gay Support Group Urges Fairfax Schools to Give Equal Access to Ex-Gays

Flynn: Democrats Exclude Catholics

Four Christians Face Possible 47 Years in Prison for Actions at Evangelizing at Gay Event

For 'Catholic ' Dissenters, Abortion Is Like Mowing Grass: A Book Review of A Brief, Liberal, Catholic Defense of Abortion by Daniel A. Dombrowski and Robert Deltete

Fr. McBrien attacks pro-life bishops in syndicated column

Fr. Richard McBrien Champions Abortion Rights Catholicism on Fox TV's O'Reilly Show

FROM THE "SOMEONE- SHOULD- HAVE- TOLD- HER- TO- JUST- BE- QUIET- AND- HAVE- ANOTHER- DRINK' FILE: Mass. Sen. and pro-abortion Democrat Kennedy's wife slams Catholic Church moves against so-called abortion rights Catholics

Frustrated Population-Control Philippine Politician Wants Church Declared National Security Threat

Gay-friendly media in Chicago likely to ignore pro-family groups during notorious "gay pride parade"

Gov digs in as pro-family groups attack pharmacy rule

Hating Christmas is Now Chic

How the Media Cheats

How Could 50 States be Wrong?

How do secular, athiest public school dictators define tolerance?

 "National PTA shuts out ex-homosexuals: Welcomes 'gay' activists to convention and shuns other side"

How do you say "heterodox" in Italian?: "God and Man at Gonzaga"

How Italy Voted on June 12, Who Lost – And Why

Howard Center Decries Intimidation of Churches

Howard Center Decries Website Urging Church Arson

Hypocrite Bigots at College Democrats of America Lash out at Catholics

Illinois Governor appoints liberal Catholic priest to state ethics commission

Illinois Pharmacist Files Third Lawsuit Against Blagojevich on Plan B

Indiana family sues high school over non-consensual adolescent mental health screening

Inner city Chicago Methodist minister stirs controversy with bait and switch: Statue of the Virgin Mary and Rosary vigils used to attract immigrants to Protestant services

IRS is asked to investigate Springs diocese: Americans United for Separation of Church and State says Bishop Sheridan's recent letter essentially orders Catholics to vote Republican

Jesse Jackson: 'Right-Wing' Christians Have no Role in Government

Jesuit magazine to publish article of pro-abortion politician slamming archbishop

Joliet Diocese Peace and Justice Ministry Once Again Has Faithful Catholics Up In Arms: Director Tom Garlitz Claims Catholic Could Vote For "Pro-Choice" Candidates According To A "Well Formed Conscience"

Kerry Betrays His Catholic Faith in 2nd Debate

Kerry snubs cardinal on DNC blessing

Kerry's "Religion Outreach” Director is a Real Gem, Says Catholic League's Bill Donohue

Law Suit Protects Pharmacists Right of Conscience

Lawmakers condemn IHSA rule change

Left never tires of Christian bashing

Left wing 'sistas' take to the air and let down their hair! Unorthodox nuns yammer for 2 hours on Milt Rosenberg's WGN radio show

Leftists Target Judicial Nominee with Anti-Catholic Bigotry: ACLU calls on Senators to reject liberal demands to impose an unconstitutional religious test for public office

Liberal meaning of inclusiveness: Homosexual play defender calls pro-family activist 'fat stupid housewife'

Loyola University facilities used for Democratic organizing meeting aimed at unsuspecting Catholics: Industrial Areas Foundation and Call To Action representatives team up to focus on "short-term opportunities for action"

Marxists Running Florida Community College Demonstrate the Anti-Christian Basis of Their "Tolerance": Gibson's 'Passion' is Banned

Media, biased polls are giving America a warped view of Terri Schiavo plight.

Mel Gibson's The Passion comes to Malaysia - but only for Christians

Michael Savage(s) Catholicism March 30, 2006

Moscow’s Assault on the Vatican:

The KGB made corrupting the Church a priority. (Ion Mihai Pacepa)

NBC mocks and defiles the Holy Eucharist on network sit-com

NBC = National Bashing (of) Catholics


New Jersey State Senate Majority leader leaves Catholic church over policy debate

No Catholics Need Apply

No Time Out for Christmas!

NPR Fears Alito's Catholicism

Of Canons and Culture…Lay Canon Lawyer Sues John Kerry for Heresy

Olympic Athletes to Be Given Free Condoms

Open Season on Christianity

P.C. scholars take Christ out of B.C.

Papal Sin is Palpable Nonsense (Robert P. Lockwood)

PBS station cancels intelligent-design film: TV outlet charged with practicing 'politically correct censorship'

Pathology of the Left...

Paul Caprio, Executive Director, Family-Pac, Responds to Illinois Govs Pharmacy Mandates

Pharmacies Balk on After-Sex Pill and Widen Fight in Many States

Politics cloud Kerry's Easter plans

Pope Benedict XVI, Yes! National Catholic Reporter, No!

(Michael J. Gaynor)

Pope Recalls Martyrs Who Died for Sunday Mass: Perished Under Emperor Diocletian

Post-Christian Europe begins the purge: France to punish homophobic and sexist remarks with jail sentences

Pro-abortion, gay rights Catholic and Attorney General Lisa Madigan is Banned from appearing at Catholic schools!

Professor charges anti-Catholic bias

 Religious Anti-Catholicism

School Censored Christian Student from Expressing Her Religious Views Against Homosexuality—Ordered to Pay $102,738

Self described "Catholic" US Sen Dick Durbin (D-IL) boasts of piety: Says Catholic senators generally obey church

Sen. Kerry: Don't Tell Me What God Wants!

Should Hate Be Outlawed?

Sodom and Chicago: Homosexual Protesters Blast Moody Church as "House of Hate," then Picket Cardinal George's Residence

Sodomite Catholics at Rainbow Sash wage Jihad against "fundamentalist" Catholic Bishops

Some prejudices are more equal than others (Philip Jenkins)

State-imposed atheism

Straight Guy with the Catholic Eye: Ex-nun calls for U.S. Government to investigate Catholic Church

Study: TV Show Negative Image of Religion

Suicide by Secularism?

Taking the Cake (This Rock)

The Answer is NO! Curtain pulled on church play, Bishop Kane says parish's abortion drama not appropriate

The Chicago Tribune's moral confusion

The Church and Her Enemies (Father Michael Mueller  C.SS.R.)

The decline of Catholicism in France: Cube vs. the Cathedral

The Jesuit Oath Debunked

The “March for Women’s Lives” Unmasked: A Shocking View of the Pro-Abortion Movement

The New Anti-Catholic Bigotry (Chuck Colson)

The New Anti-Catholicism (Dwight Longenecker)

The new most oft-quoted verse in the Bible

(and it ain't John 3:16)

The Nunnery As Menace: The Burning of the Charlestown Convent, 1834 (Jeanne Hamilton, O.S.U.)

The pernicious bias that few recognize: anti-Catholicism

(J. Fraser Field)

The Real Maria Monk  (J. Bernard Delany, O.P.)

The tiny town that fought the Klan (Lillian Thomas)

The Twilight of the American Media: PRAVDA USA finally starts getting the (lack of) attention it deserves

"The war on Christmas in America is a mere skirmish. Around the world, a bloody, repressive war on Christians rages on."

The "who's-who" of heterodoxy headline at the so-called "Midwest Young Adult Leadership Conference" at the 'Call to Action Center' in Inverness, IL (aka Holy Family Parish)

There's good reason to bar gay priests

Thieving Heretic Strikes Again: Excommunicated Call to Action Leader Commits Sacrilege in Lincoln Parish

Thomas Jefferson and the Wall of Separation Between Church and State (John W. Whitehead and Casey Mattox)

Three Members of US Bishops Review Board on Scandals Donated to Kerry Campaign

To Hell With Religion: Non-religious Americans are increasingly important for the Democrats' coalition

Tolerance is a one way street: Reuters Editor Blasts Pro-Life Advocates, President Bush in Hostile Email

Tribune Editor Don Wycliff Condescendingly Acknowledges Pro-Gay Bias in the Tribune: Surprise, Surprise...

USA trundles out former priests and radicals to press for Kerry election: 'Former priest' and Northwestern Univ. journalism Prof. McClory the latest in a slow parade of 'Christian' advocates for pro-abortion politicians

U.S. bishops back move against Jesuit

Vatican has turned down excommunication appeal by Call to Action: Heretics need not apply.

When the big hand says Thirteen Moon Calendar: UN sets sights on a Christ-less calendar

Who are the foundations behind the diabolical abortionists at "Catholics for Free Choice?"

Who is Catholic League president William Donohue?

Who needs a Pope when you have Andrew Greeley? Dissenting Catholic author claims 'Catholics can vote for Kerry' in article from the New York Daily News

Why is Anti-Catholicism Tolerated? (Ian Dowbiggin)

Why is it OK to bash Catholics? (John Fraser)




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