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Fr. Richard McBrien Champions Abortion Rights Catholicism on Fox TV's O'Reilly Show


10/16/2004 8:55:00 PM by Frank Joseph MD


Fr. Frank Pavone of "Priests for Life" was on the O'Reilly Factor (Fox News) prior to the last presidential debate on Wednesday.


Wouldn't you know that the liberal priest, Fr. Richard McBrien, who teaches theology at Notre Dame was also on. When I heard he would be present, I knew exactly what he would say.


Whenever a TV or radio show wants someone who will oppose the traditional Catholic view, they call on this man. Fr. Pavone is trying to save the lives of unborn children. Fr. McBrien doesn't really care one way or another.


I still remember about 15 years ago when Fr. McBrien got the loudest applause from the pro-aborts in the audience on a national TV show, when he said that you cannot consider the killing of an unborn child, murder.


The Evangelical minister who was present appeared startled and confused at this statement coming from a representative of the Catholic Faith. He apparently thought Fr. McBrien would be on his side against the two who were pro-abortion. It ended up 3 against 1.


Of all courses for McBrien to be teaching -- theology. No wonder that most Catholic politicians have their heads screwed on wrong -- the Kerry's and the Kennedy's of this world, including 13 Catholic pro-abortion senators. (all in the Demo(n)cratic party but one)


Why they allow this man to teach, of all subjects, theology, at Notre Dame boggles the mind. If he has tenure, then they should make sure he doesn't instill the tenets of satan in young minds.Pick out another course for him to teach, such as underwater basket weaving or how to pin the tail on the donkey with little effort, or any other subject where he can't do any harm.


On the O'Reilly Factor when Fr. Pavone was uttering the words of some bishops -- that voting for a candidate who propagates the killing of unborn children is a sin, because the voter then becomes a party to the killings. (paraphrasing) McBrien, true to form, recited Cardinal Ratzinger's tatement on "proportionate reasoning," i.e. the death penalty, wars, opening up another soup kitchen etc.


Fr. Pavone immediately interrupted this heretical priest and said, there is NOTHING proportionate to the mass slaughter of tiny children. He wanted to say more, but O'Reilly said the segment was over and had to go.


Fr. McBrien is the pro-aborts best friend. Oh, how they love it when it comes from a Catholic priest. He will never let them down, especially in front of a national audience.




Copyright 2004 Victor Claveau. All Rights Reserved