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The Difference Between NFP and Contraception and the Huge Difference It Makes


Benedictine College, Atchison, KS, 3 March 2011


Fr. Matthew Habiger OSB PhD


Connecting NFP with Social Awareness Week


First of all, I want to express my appreciation for the invitation to speak at this year’s Social Awareness Week.  In many countries there are what is called Social Weeks, or a week given over to lectures and discussions on how Catholic Social teaching relates to contemporary problems.  The Social Awareness Week here at BC is in this same tradition.


You may be wondering how Natural Family Planning is connected to this week, and to Catholic Social Teaching.  Gaudium et Spes #42 teaches that “Christ did not bequeath to the Church a mission in the political, economic, or social order: the purpose He assigned to it was religious.”  Furthermore, there is a rightful autonomy of earthly affairs.  “By the very nature of creation, material being is endowed with its own stability, truth and excellence, its own order and laws.  These, as the methods proper to every science and technique, must be respected” (GS 36).


“The political community and the Church are autonomous and independent of each other in their own fields.  They are both at the service of the personal and social vocation of the same individuals, tough under different titles” (GS 76).  The State deals with the present world, with many concrete material problems. The Church deals with the eternal world, the Kingdom of God, and with our relationship with God.   Every healthy society needs the services of both the State and the Church.


“But at all times and in all places, the Church should be free to preach the faith, to proclaim its teaching about society, to carry out its task among people without hindrance, and to pass moral judgments even in matters relating to politics, whenever the fundamental human rights or the salvation of souls requires its.  The means, the only means, it may use are those which are in accord with the Gospel and the welfare of humanity, according to the diversity of the times and circumstances” (GS 76).


Pope Benedict XVI develops this theme further in his first encyclical, Deus Caritas EstFaith is a purifying force for reason itself.  “If reason is to be exercised properly, it must undergo constant purification, since it can never be completely free of a certain ethical blindness caused by the dazzling effect of power and special interests… Faith by its specific nature is an encounter with the living God – an encounter opening up new horizons extending beyond the sphere of reason.  But it is also a purifying force for reason itself.  From God’s standpoint, faith liberates reason from its blind spots and therefore helps it to be ever more fully itself.  Faith enables reason to do its work more effectively and to see its proper object more clearly. This is where Catholic social doctrine has its place” (DCE 28 b, c).


“… The formation of just structures is not directly the duty of the Church, but belongs to the world of politics, the sphere of the autonomous use of reason.  The Church has an indirect duty here, in that she is called to contribute to the purification of reason and to the reawakening of those moral forces without which just structures are neither established nor prove effective in the long run” (DCE 29 a).  “The direct duty to work for a just ordering of society, on the other hand, is proper to the lay faithful. As citizens of the State, they are called to take part in public life in a personal capacity” (ibid. c).


My topic deals with Marriage and the Family, which are the foundation of any society.  There are great problems for these today.  50% of marriages today end up in a divorce.  35% of all babies are born to single parent moms.  One out of four unborn babies is brutally destroyed by abortion, and there are many other uncounted early-on, chemical abortions.  80% of young couples who present themselves for marriage are already cohabitating.  85% of couples of childbearing years are using some form of contraception, and of these 40% are sterilized.  If marriage and family life is the foundation for all of society, then we had better look at what is happening to them.  If these trends continue, then a nation’s life begins to unravel and collapse. The Church brings insights to marriage, spousal love and family that are desperately needed in our times.


Some praise it to the heavens


Much of the literature extolling the merits of the Pill comes from the pharmaceuticals and Planned Parenthood. That is very strange. They are the ones who stand most to benefit from this multi-billion dollar industry. They have a conflict of interest, and cannot speak without a prejudicial bias. Why would anyone look to them for an unbiased assessment of the merits, or demerits, of the Pill? 


Would anyone give their unquestioned acceptance to the tobacco industry when they extol the merits of smoking?  Should we not be suspicious of any study or paper that the tobacco industry produces to convince us that the latest brand of cigarette is a great gift to humanity? No matter how much money the tobacco industry has to funnel into publicity, and no matter how many times we hear or see their advertisements, the hard reality of all the medical damage that smoking causes to smokers does not change.


Why would anyone, in their right mind, not have reservations, and suspicions, about groups whose livelihood depends upon the sales of the Pill and other contraceptives? Should we not look to independent, disinterested, and non-profiting groups to provide us with a reliable assessment of the Pill?


The pharmaceuticals and Planned Parenthood types sing the praises of the Pill to the heavens. Why?  Because it is a great cash cow for them.  Contraceptives are a multi-billion dollar industry.


But is every technological advancement a true sign of progress? Was the discovery and use of the machine gun and mustard gas during World War I a true sign of progress? If we have new forms of technology, does that mean we must use them?  We have the hydrogen bomb.  Should we ever use it? We can clone animals. Should we ever clone human persons?


Now we can suppress, or destroy, our fertility. Is this a good thing or a bad thing, a blessing or a curse?


So-Called Advantages of the Pill


The Pill separates fertility from sex so that one can pursue sexual pleasure without the responsibility of a pregnancy.


The Pill makes it possible for a man or woman to have sex anytime, with anyone, and not get pregnant, for the most part.


It allows a woman to pursue a career, have sex, and not to be bothered with a baby or a family. She is just like a man. But is that an advantage?


It makes life easy for men.  Now they can have all the sex they want, and have no responsibility for a baby that they would otherwise beget.  So why get married? Many men now postpone marriage, or never marry. When they reach old age, who will take care of them, or be interested in them?


The Pill has been prescribed for many things.  It is like a panacea.  Some doctors prescribe it for acne, irregular cycles (which does not address the real underlying problems), and, of course, as a contraceptive for young girls who are already having sex.  Some doctors want young girls to start taking the Pill as soon as they begin to have their cycles, “just in case.”


A Balanced Assessment


Sterilized sex is not the unqualified good suggested by Planned Parenthood and its cohorts. There are many, many harms and damages that result when we turn against our fertility.


Our fertility is a blessing, not a curse.  Our fertility is not a bodily defect that must be corrected. When God designed us as bodied persons, male or female, He made us to be both fertile and sexual.  He wants us to “be fertile and multiply,” to marry and have a family, to share life with the next generation.


Sex was designed by God to be both love-giving and life-giving.  Pleasure sought only for its own sake is called hedonism.  This is a weakness, not a virtue; a lack of character, not a builder of character.  God designed sex to be expressed between a man and a woman, who are totally committed to each other. Sex belongs in marriage.  Only there does it express and accomplish what it was meant to express and accomplish. Contraception interferes with all this.  How?


The spousal act means that a spouse makes the total personal gift of self, of the man or woman, to the other.  This total personal gift of self includes the heart, body, mind, soul, and will: the total person.  And this includes their fertility. There are no conditions, no reservations, and nothing held back.


The Pill (contraception in general) and sterilized sex go together. It is repugnant to God, and degrading to those who engage in it.  Spousal love was meant to be the great symbol of total self-surrender between a husband and wife. But with the Pill, all this is reduced to recreational sex. Sterilized sex is unnatural. It has brought great harm to our bodies, to our marriages, to our families, to our national life, and even to our natural environment. It is a major reason for the shortage today of priests and religious.


Dr. Rebecca Becks, M.D., from Orlando, FL, is a married woman, with 5 children.  Recently she writes: “Why was the Pill first introduced by Dr. John Rock back in 1960?  Wasn’t it to help women make their lives a little easier? Wasn’t it to strengthen marriage? Wasn’t it to make abortion a rare occurrence? And wasn’t it to improve society in general?  nd now, 50 years later, have those objectives been achieved?  NO, on all counts.


“Birth control pills can cause serious medical problems. This category of pills has been shown to cause: death, pulmonary embolus, blood clots, stroke, migraines, increased rates of cervical cancer, increased sexual transmitted diseases (including HPV, Herpes and HIV), and prolonged infertility, including a whole host of minor symptoms which can become severe, such as depression.


“I stopped prescribing the Pill three years ago in part, because I couldn’t stand to see one more stroke victim, one more STD, one more cervical or breast cancer case, or one more “backup abortion” for failed contraceptives. The main reason, though, that I stopped prescribing and using birth control, was because I understood through my Catholic faith, Humanae Vitae and the Theology of the Body, that birth control is bad for women because it is against God’s plan for human sexuality and marriage.”


The Pill destroys real love.  Real love is creative and fertile.  It is also demanding: it demands patience, kindness, and “endures all things.”  Only this kind of love can become the firm foundation of a strong marriage and a happy family.  It is a foundation to “endure all things.”


Radical feminism and believers in women’s liberation praise the Pill for a new found freedom. But this is a false freedom, a freedom without responsibility. You can have sex and you don’t have to have a baby.  Then you can climb the corporate ladder without encumbrance.  If you get pregnant, you can have a backup abortion. But this is utilitarianism, the very opposite of love. It is using people as things for happiness.  This concept of freedom when embraced by an entire society becomes a permanent threat to the family.


After 50 years of birth control we find these results. 1) Marriages are crumbling instead of being strengthened, as the Pill proponents promised. 2) The race for women’s liberation, for freedom and control over their bodies, has made casualties of the unborn, and of children who get a single mother exhausted by work and overwhelmed by the burdens of raising a child alone.


Here is the paradox of the Pill.  It was thought that the Pill would make abortions rare.  The reality is that they have increased exponentially.  The Pill was introduced to strengthen marriage. But the reality is that half of all contracepting couples get divorced. People thought that the Pill would strengthen the American family. The reality is that the family is slowly being demolished.


We Are Bodied Persons


Our topic demands that we explain the importance of our bodies.  When God designed the human race, He started with one man and one woman, Adam and Eve.  We are all descendents of these first parents.  Our bodies connect us with the physical world, and the animal kingdom.  We are animals, but animals of a very special kind. We are persons, endowed with intelligence, free will and a capacity to give and receive love.  There is a world of difference between a person and an animal.  There is a spark of the divine within us; we are destined to live for all eternity, sharing in the very life and love of God.


As bodied persons, we are either male or female. There are only two sexes.  As bodied persons, we are both sexual and fertile. When we pass through puberty, and our sexuality awakens, we discover that we are strongly drawn to the beauty of the opposite sex.  People from the age of 15 to 30 are at the height of their sexual awareness.  The two sexes, male and female, are unique and non-substitutable. Men and women are of equal dignity, but are different in their makeup. One complements the other, fulfills and completes the other.  That is why the vast majority of young men and women fall in love and marry.  Notice here that this phenomenon is not something that any of us designed.  We did not design our sexuality. We simply discover it as we mature physically, mentally and spiritually. God has a plan for us as bodied persons, and it is a very good plan!


As sexual persons, we are also fertile. Our sex organs are called reproductive organs. Sex and new life go together. Love and life go together. All love is life giving.


As persons we have freedom. We make choices and give directions to our bodily desires. But with this freedom comes a corresponding responsibility. We must all come into the possession of our passions and desires, and give them good direction. Our bodies naturally crave for food, drink and sex. But if we do not control our desire for eating, then we develop an eating disorder, become obese and threaten our health.  If we do not control our desires for alcohol and drugs, then we cripple ourselves by setting up unnatural dependencies and harm ourselves physically. If we do not control our sex drive, then we become a slave to our passions, and can no longer consider ourselves to be free and in full possession of ourselves. Promiscuous sex causes much harm and pain for the person who has been exploited, and their babies.


Youth is a time of learning, an apprenticeship, a time for acquiring self-mastery, self-possession and self-control. This is a training in human freedom. We learn how to give good direction to our drives and passions. This is a task for every human being, and there are no exceptions.  The alternative is clear: either man governs his passions and finds peace, or he lets himself be dominated by them and becomes unhappy (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2339). “Man’s dignity therefore requires him to act out of conscious and free choice, as moved and drawn in a personal way from within, and not by blind impulses in himself or by mere external constraint. Man gains such dignity when, ridding himself of all slavery to the passions, he presses forward to his goal by freely choosing what is good, and by his diligence and skill, effectively secures for himself the means suited to this end” (Gaudium et spes 17).


God’s Plan for Marriage, Spousal Love and Family


Since God designed us as bodied persons, and wants us to spend eternity sharing in His own personal communion of love and life, it stands to reason that He has a plan for all the important dimensions of our lives while we are living on this Earth. He has a plan for such things as marriage, spousal love and family. We will not be happy unless we discover this plan, come to understand its goodness and beauty, and then freely choose to integrate that plan into our lives.


God’s plan for marriage is that it is a personal commitment between a man and a woman, to share their lives together, “until death do us part.” It takes a lifetime to fulfill a marriage; you can’t do this in ten or twenty years.  They become “two in one flesh.”


God’s plan for spousal love is that each spouse makes the total personal gift of self to the other. In the spousal act, both spouses give themselves totally, one to the other. There are no conditions, no reservations, nothing held back. This means total self-surrender.  And this includes their fertility. Immediately you can see where contraception goes wrong.  Contraception is a conditioned giving, a partial sharing, always holding back something.  Contraception turns against the goodness of one’s fertility and considers it to be an evil instead of a good. Instead of a great blessing, fertility is considered to be a disease.  Thus we force women to consider their natural cycles of fertility and infertility to be a sickness that needs to be medicated and controlled.  Contraception and sterilization are the only two medical procedures that attack normal healthy bodily functions, and try to destroy them.  A person’s alleged right to pursue his or her pleasure is considered to be sufficient reason for this destruction of a natural, healthy bodily function.  The medical industry today has taken the attitude, “the customer is always right,” and will provide whatever the patient is willing to pay for.


God’s plan for family is that a married couple be willing to share their love and their life with their children. The child is God’s greatest gift to a couple.  The child is the fruit of a couple’s love. A child has a natural right to be conceived by an act of love by his or her parents, who are committed to each other, and who are willing to provide a secure home for the child. In our culture, it requires at least eighteen years for a child to reach adulthood and independence. This means that parents must make a real commitment to their children and consider their family to be the completion of their marriage.


What Contraception Does to the Individual, to Marriage, to Family, and to Society


Because of its profound and devastating influence upon society, we call contraception the taproot of the culture of death.  A culture of death is a culture that thinks that killing is the solution to life’s major problems.  Contraception is the taproot of the plant called sexual chaos, on which there are many branches of abuses against human life.


1) We start with the impact of contraception upon the individual


Contraception destroys the natural connection between love and life, between sex and babies. But sterilized sex is unnatural sex.  Contraception changes loving a person into using a person; it degrades love into lust.  Sex is meant to be expressed by a man and a woman who are deeply in love and committed to each other. The marital act has profound meaning. It means that the man and woman engaged in this act intend to make the total personal gift of self to the other. They are totally open to the goodness of the other person. This includes their life-giving powers, their fertility. That is what the language of the body means and accomplishes during the marital act.


Contraception reduces all this to the level of recreational sex. There are only two restrictions: 1) don’t get pregnant; and 2) don’t catch a sexually transmitted disease. Fidelity and the possibility of a new pregnancy are all part of marital commitment.  If there is no possibility of a pregnancy, then people begin to think that there is no reason to commit themselves to just one mate. That leads to extra marital sex, and pre marital sex. The technical terms for these are adultery and fornication. 


If sex only means the pursuit of intense genital pleasure, then why tell young people to save sex for marriage?  Today we find young people experimenting with sex at ever earlier stages. Instead of encouraging young people to grow into the virtue of self-mastery and the virtue of chastity, Planned Parenthood encourages them to yield to their inclinations and become promiscuous. They call this comprehensive sex education, where every form of sex and contraception, except chastity, is explained.   The accurate description of Planned Parenthood is the “corruption of our youth.” A promiscuous person is not preparing himself, or herself, for marriage and a lifetime commitment to one’s spouse.  Rather they are preparing themselves for many partners, and divorce.


There is a direct connection between contraception and abortion. Abortion is the remedy to failed contraception. The culture of death says: “If you want fewer abortions, then use more contraception.” But that is very deceptive language. Contraception always leads to more abortion, not less abortion. When International Planned Parenthood wants to change the laws of a country so as to bring in legalized abortion, it always begins by promoting every form of contraception.  They know that more contraception leads to more promiscuous sex, and this, in turn, leads to an inevitable greater demand for abortion.  I have seen this again and again the Third World, where most people live.


What let to the infamous 1973 Supreme Court ruling, Roe V. Wade, which withdrew the protection of the law from the unborn child? It was the appearance of the Pill in the 1960s which led to greater sexual promiscuity, the rejection of the child, and a demand for abortion as a backup for failed contraception.


In addition, you should know that the Pill has three effects. The first is an attempt to prevent ovulation. But there is always breakthrough ovulation, and then the risk of conception.  The second effect is to prevent the migration of sperm from the vagina to the fallopian tubes.  This does not always succeed. The third effect is to deal with the reality of an unwanted conception.  The Pill reduces the lining of the uterus, the endometrium, and thus makes it impossible for the little conceptus to attach itself to the mother’s uterus.  This leads to an early on, chemical abortion. One out of four unborn babies is killed by surgical abortion in this country. But there are many more unrecorded early-on chemical abortions. Women are aborting their children and do not even know it.


Human life begins at conception. Then the 23 chromosomes of the mother combine with the 23 chromosomes of the father, and a completely unique and unrepeatable human person is called into existence.  All the genetic information is now present, to guide the new life through all of its various stages of life. All the DNA is there for the entire life of the new person.  Notice that at every stage of life, a person’s physical body is perfectly integrated. You should know that the medical profession has now changed the definition of conception, to facilitate easy access to chemical abortion. The medical dictionaries now define conception as the time when the tiny zygote implants itself in the mother’s endometrium, at implantation. That is entirely dishonest.  The child is now already several days alive, since the moment when the father’s sperm met the mother’s ovum.


2) Then we move to the impact of contraception upon marriage.


There is a direct connection between contraception and divorce.  In our society today one out of two marriages ends in a divorce.  Our society thinks in terms of a fault free divorce, where no one is at fault, and where either party can initiate the divorce, regardless of how much the other party wants to save the marriage.  39% of all babies born today in the United States are born to single moms.  In the Black community the rate is up to 75%. The greatest source of poverty today is single parent families, usually unmarried moms. Think of what this does to single mothers and their children.


Because of the high divorce rate, many young couples today don’t believe in marriage. They live together, and some have babies, without making commitments to each other. They can split anytime.  Because there is a certain fear of the child, many couples do not want to have children.  The total percentage of people who are married in this country continues to decline.


What is the connection between contraception and divorce?  Why is it that divorce rates began to skyrocket when the Pill arrived in the 1960s?  The main reason is that contraception interferes with the bonding of the couple, with their commitment to each other.  The marital act is designed to renew the marriage covenant that the couple made at their marriage.  Contraception interferes with the total self-donation that the marital act requires.  It rejects the goodness of their fertility, and their openness to new life.  Now their love is always conditioned, with reservations. Now the emphasis is upon the pursuit of pleasure and the hope that this will enhance their intimacy.  Now there is a demand that the woman always be available for the man when he wants her.  The woman begins to feel more used than loved. There is no shared responsibility in spacing the pregnancies. The woman is told to take the required medications. It is “her” problem. Or the husband sterilizes himself. Contraception is like a corrosive acid working on the bond between the couple. 


By contrast, did you know that the divorce rate among couples who use Natural Family Planning, NFP, which requires periodic abstinence during the couple’s fertile periods, is less than 5%? NFP couples know God’s plan for marriage and spousal love. Their respect for this plan brings them greater intimacy, better communications, a more satisfying sexual life and much happiness. Just look at their low divorce rate.


3) What is the impact of contraception upon children and family life?


Consider what divorce is doing to our young people.  Every young person wants to have a loving mother and father, brothers and sisters, and cousins.  You take any of these away, and a young person has additional problems to cope with. 39% of babies today are born to unwed mothers. Think of the additional financial and emotional burdens that are thrown upon that little family.  Many fathers today are not involved with their children. This leaves a real gap in the psyche and emotional life of children. Today over 1% of our population is incarcerated, the majority of which are young men who never experienced the supervision, tough love and support of their fathers. Divorce is the obvious factor here, but behind the divorce is the distortive reduction of the marital act caused by contraception.


Children of a divorced family do not experience a normal marriage of their parents as they grow up during their formative years. If they are not to repeat the cycle, then they must learn on their own what a normal marriage looks like, and how to build one. Children of contracepting parents will not be guided into the virtue of chastity by their parents. Contracepting parents cannot teach chastity to their children.  And teenagers know if their parents are contracepting.  About all such parents can say is: “Be good, but if you can’t do that, then at least be safe. Be sure to carry a condom with you.”


4) What is the impact of contraception upon the broader society?


 It stands to reason that a nation’s life is only as strong as its family life.  If marriage and family life are weak, then patriotism will also be weak.  If good marriages and healthy, happy families are not producing strong and well balanced individuals, then a country will not have the fountains that supply mature and capable citizens. The basic unit of any society is the family. If the family is in trouble, then that society has real problems.  The state exists for the family. The family does not exist for the state.  The family predates the state by centuries.  Any healthy state will do everything possible to promote strong marriages and healthy, happy families.  Contraception and abortion destroy the morals of youth; they foster divorce; they destroy family life and a respect for human life.  They destroy youth, which is the greatest asset any country has.


Contraception has changed the way we view many things today.  Contraception implies that we have a new “right” today, the right to recreational sex. This means that the pursuit of sexual pleasure trumps everything; nothing can be allowed to interfere with that pursuit.  Not even the unborn baby. Contraception is available to everyone today.  Thus also is recreational sex.  More and more promiscuous sex leads inevitably to more unwanted pregnancies. Thus the pressure upon the legislatures and courts for legal abortion and widespread contraception and sterilization.  Pro-abortion forces insist that contemporary life styles, using massive contraception, require easy access to abortion.


If promiscuous sex is accepted by society, then pornography must be accepted.  Pornography is presented as harmless entertainment. It is also a multi billion-dollar industry.  Patrick Trueman, the former chief of the U.S. Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, expressed strong concern for the direction of America due to the prominence of pornography. “Since the advent of the internet, pornography has flooded homes, businesses, public libraries, and even schools.  The results have been devastating to the social and family fabric of America,” he said.  “Pornography, in other words, is altering minds, destroying taboos, and reordering society.”  Addiction to pornography, Trueman noted, is now common among men, women, and even many children, bringing life-long consequences.  Pornography use is a significant factor in divorce, a contributing cause of the spread of prostitution and the sexual trafficking of adults and children.  He has a website for sound research, news articles and opinion pieces demonstrating the harm from pornography.  It is called Pornography Harms.


What about human trafficking of young boys and girls?  Is this not a horrible violation of their human dignity and their right to live a normal childhood? Should not every effort be made to stop sex tours by wealthy Americans and Europeans in Thailand and Indonesia?  What fuels this trafficking in human bodies? It is sex out of control.  Is that not what contraception is?


There is a strong connection between contraception and population control.  Population controllers, beginning with Paul Erhlich and his The Population Bomb (1968), want to scare us into believing that there are just too many people in the world. We in the First World cannot maintain our present high material standard of living if more people in the developing countries demand more energy resources like oil, more mineral resources like uranium, and more food. What is their solution?  Their solution is to make people in the developing countries believe that their babies are the source of the problem.  Their babies are taking all their money and resources, which could be used for economic development.  Therefore, restrict the size of poor people’s families. In China there is a one child policy and then mandatory abortion. There are many international agencies, IPPF, USAID, PCUN that will provide developing nations with millions of dollars for every form of contraception, and abortion, but will provide little money for such basic needs as clean water, basic medical care, protection against malaria, good roads, schools, etc. Population controllers forget that babies come not only with mouths for eating, but also with minds for finding solutions to problems, hands and arms and legs for doing the work of the nation, and big hearts with which to love. Contraception and abortion are not the solution to economic development. Rather, they destroy a nation’s greatest asset, which is their youth. They are the taproots of the culture of death.  (For good analysis of population myths see PRI, Population Research Institute.)


What we need to do


We need to wake up and call the Pill what it really is: the destroyer of love, of marriages, and of families.


Pope John Paul II said in Evangelium Vitae #58: “Today we need to look the truth in the eye and call things by their proper name, without resorting to compromises or yielding to the temptation of self-deception.”


Our marriages and family life are falling apart.  Consider these undeniable facts:


  • 50% divorce rate

  • 40% of children today are born to unmarried mothers

  • There were 90 million unmarried and single Americans in 2005.  This group comprises 41% of all U.S. residents age 18 and older.

  • 10.5 million single moms

  • 5 million unmarried-households in 2005        

  • One out of four pregnancies are surgically aborted and there are many, many more early-on, chemical abortions.


Think of all the harm and pain that these factors bring to marriages, to any sense of permanent commitments, to spouses, to their children and their families.  A nation is only as strong as its family life. Take a good look at our marriages and family life today. On the 50th anniversary of the Pill, we need to look at contraception again, and objectively assess what it has done to our lives, to our marriages, and to our families. 


We need to go on the offensive, as well as go on the defensive.  On the defense, we point to the irrefutable harms that the Pill and contraception have brought us.  On the offence, we point to the beautiful plan that God has for marriage, spousal love and the family. This plan is completely doable if both spouses avail themselves of all the aids and helps that God provides for them. Natural Family Planning encapsulates this plan, and makes it possible for a married couple to space their pregnancies responsibly, while always treasuring the gift of the child.


I recommend that people visit our website,, and discover the wealth of materials there that explain the harms of contraception and the benefits of NFP and God’s plan for marriage, spousal love and family.  Click on “NFP Q&A,” and you will find 140 of my columns which explain the many aspects of contraception and NFP. They are free and copy ready. Use them as you wish. They make good newspaper columns, parish bulletin inserts, and radio commentary.  At NFP Outreach we help you find the materials you need to be an active player on the field in the game of advancing the culture of life while exposing and resisting the culture of death.  Consider also having an NFP Parish Mission at your parish.  Call us at 405 942 4084.


See Birth Control and Abortifacients for additional information on the health hazards of the Pill, and the link between the Pill and birth defects.



Copyright © 2004 Victor Claveau. All Rights Reserved